I have been reading a lot of the post on this forum for the last few days.
I am in debts, I can not cope with my minimum payments any longer...
I have stopped some payments in January.
My debts are 11000,00
Iíve done my calculation and I have £105 to pay all my debts per month. All my debts are unsecured: credit cards, overdraft, catalogs.
I have sent letter with my income and expenses and offers to my creditors already (awaiting response) however I am worried that Iíve done it prematurely.
None of my debts are default yet. Should I wait till there are marked as default before arranging payment plan?
Who should I contact? Original creditor or debt collectors as 2 of my debts have been passed to them for collection but not sold? Any advice would be great as I feel less and less confident with my self managing?