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resolve call / arrow global letter

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  • resolve call / arrow global letter

    Good Evening Legal Beagles, sorry posted in wrong thread

    I have today received a letter from Arrow Global managed by Resolvecall

    The letter is claiming that i have a balance of 600 outstanding in relation to 'my' Orange account
    and that i should contact them to discuss a suitable repayment option

    i was on Orange network in 2006/07 when i was 16/17, but was made redundant and was unable to fulfill my contract repayments
    i have not made contact with orange or anyone else in relation to this account since i tried to cancel the contract and was refused id say around early 2008 &
    i was given a CCJ for this.
    That CCJ went off my credit records id say about 5 years ago, if not longer i cant really remember and have not received anything about this account since

    i have recently bought a house with my partner and now this has come through my door

    would i be entitled to send them a prove it letter? or a statute barred letter? as this debt is around 15 years old

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    ive also done a CCJ check on trustonline which came back clear


    • #3
      Afraid that CCJ doesn't go away, try and find a way of making a full and final offer.


      • #4
        so no leg to stand on really, going to have to find the cash?


        • #5
          resolvecall do not own it just local commission agents.


          • #6
            I'm worried because they sent another letter saying they are to send an agent round


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              Originally posted by legalrookie View Post
              I'm worried because they sent another letter saying they are to send an agent round
              The debt is statute barred. Send them the following template, make sure you get Proof of Postage.


              Update the thread.


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                Hi thanks
                I thought this but a CCJ was taken out about this debt many years ago so I dont think this applies?


                • #9
                  Which went off my credit score also many years ago


                  • #10
                    I would send the Statute Barred template, see what they come back with. If they want to rely on the CCJ, they will need to go back to the Court, the Court will ask them why they have left it so late to pursue the CCJ. So it's not a 'slam, dunk' that the Court will activate the CCJ.


                    • #11
                      Suppose there is no harm in it


                      • #12
                        If you received a CCJ your debt can never become statute-barred even if the CCJ has been removed from your credit file. However, as ECHAT11 said the court may not enforce payment as Arrow/Resolve have left it so late. The best thing to do is to keep in contact with Arrow Global and perhaps check the CCJ register to see the status of your previous CCJ.
                        Are you getting constant letters and phone calls from Arrow Global Limited about debt? You might not need to pay if...


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