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Lowell updated default error

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  • Lowell updated default error

    Hi I wonder if someone could help me out. I had a account that was opened up with Very (littlewoods) in Dec 2014. Under the BNPL terms I made 3 payments of which the final payment was made September 2015 paying Very back in full. I was at university at the time so moved around a lot during those years and didn't really pay attention to my credit file. In 2017 I found a default notice on my credit file from Lowell which was apparently for the very account dated as updated April 2016.

    I have been in communication with Lowell and then Lucas debt agency between then and now asking them to provide evidence of why they believe I owe this debt. Lowell passed the debt to Lucas in 2019 when they seemed to give up arguing with me and Lucas passed it back to Lowell in 2021 when they said they could come to a conclusion about the debt I don't owe. Lowell will only provide me with a credit agreement from very (which includes in the agreement references to BNPL, take 3 payment option, non interest options and others. They keep saying that very have told them that I have missed a payment somewhere(date still unknown after 4 years) and that's why I have supposedly defaulted and accrued interest. They have also sent me a what may be called a statement showing the dates of payment I had made and the original amount i owed which equals the same plus a column saying fee and interest owed final sum. They have said they are under no obligation to provide the original default notice and from the correspondence I get the impression that there trying to say I defaulted in February 2015 under the credit agreement narrative they are choosing to use (monthly payments and not the BNPL).

    We seem to be at a deadlock and going anywhere and I am worried that they are going to try and setup a ccj against me since we are getting close to the 6 year mark on the updated default notice on my credit report. What are my options here or advice - Surely if they are referring that the original default date was in Feb 2015 that it is now past the 6 year mark and so I no longer need to engage with them since that would mean the last payment to them would have been September 2015 which again is past the 6 year mark. Any advice would be hugely appreciated.
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      Hi WARD186

      What does your credit report say regarding the last payment made and default date? If your not sure contact the Credit Agency for clarification.


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