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Require Help with a Claim Form

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    So I could in touch with CST on 18th of August and explained to them that I have spoken to centrica who have advised me there is no outstanding debt and they are unaware of this claim. CST said they will contact their client to find out information about it, until they get a response the case file will not progress, she also sent me that in writing on email. It has now been 23 days and I still have not heard back from them. I have emailed them back for an update twice last week and this week to which I had no reply. When I call them, I get no answer.

    I acknowledged the notice on 11th August I believe and still haven't filed a defence as I was told the file will not progress. Could you please advise if this is the case or should I file a defence urgently before I get handed a ruling.


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      I would file a Defence so as not miss the Deadline. Them not responding to you might be a 'ruse'. You can mention in your Defence that you have asked for information from the Claimant, but they have not provided any information.


      You can email your Defence to the Court, put the Claim Reference number in the subject line - ccbcaq@justice.gov.uk

      Post a copy of your Defence to their Solicitors (their address will be on the claim form), remember to get Proof of Postage.

      If your not sure about anything ask.


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        You don't have to send a copy of your defence to the other side, the court do that. But after this everything is copied to the claimant


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          Just received this today


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            That's naughty saying the next stage is a judgement

            When is your defence due?


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              Originally posted by ostell View Post
              That's naughty saying the next stage is a judgement

              When is your defence due?
              The claim form is dated 28th July, the defence wasn't filed until yesterday (I think). That's probably why they are threatening to go for a CCJ. Their communication is very 'cagey', I wonder if they are acting on their own desecration.

              Nobody at the company seems to know, that tells me the solicitors at one point were told to pursue the monies, maybe it's a batch of requests for over payment, an automated thing. It was some years ago. The solicitors has picked up the trail.

              I'd still try to find out who at the company is dealing with the matter.


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                The defence was due 30 th August at the latest, possibly earlier, so they may have already applied for judgement. Log in to MCOL and see what the status is.

                looks like they have been successful in persuading you that things were on hold.


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                  Yes I believe I am past the date of defence. Ive decided to just pay it. I was happy to pay it before but didn't want to pay the extra 400 of interest accumulated.


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                    Disappointing you couldn't find out who at the company was dealing with CST, they could have waved interest and dealt directly with you.

                    It's not great, all the 'sneakiness' tell's me that CST is driving this not the company, CST will feed back what they want, which might not be the truth.

                    Good luck with everything.


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                      The company actually emailed me today and confirmed the debt and said to liaise with CST directly and not them.
                      Thank you all for your help, really appreciate it.


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