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Do they have the rgiht to take my card with compemsating me?

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  • Do they have the rgiht to take my card with compemsating me?

    I have had my Marbles card for perhaps 10 years now. I have always paid at least the interest - refused offers to increase my ,limit and basically been ok.

    6 years ago I moved to france. I had the choice of taking a credit card with my bank or keeping my marbles one..I had taken a card out with marbles as they were offering interest free some time before. I did have a card with my bank but stopped it because they wanted to charge 50 a year for it! I was concerned that marbles wouldn't want me to have a non UK address so called them - yes it fine as long as you pay we can send your bills abroad and you can continue to use your card...

    I use the card for buying things from the UK mainly ..stuff its hard to get here ..

    So all went well until last year. I received a letter from marbles saying they weree not renewingmy card because I lived abroad. I rang up and asked why? - no reason just that they were no longer to issue cards to people abroad...I was very upset as I had no means of getting a card in France as they were stricter here and we had no credit rating... There seemed to be nothing I could do..until Marbles sent me my card! - Crisis avertedd - I used it and it worked so that was that until3 weeks ago (nearly a year after they threatened to take my card away.) I paid for something but ti wouldn't go through so I rang their line and was told that the card was being withdrawn at 2.30 that day -appareently the company don't have the insurance to issue the cards to people living abroad...and since then it hasn't worked. I have received no letter ..nothing...

    I have money outstanding on the card which I will pay off but I have no means of getting another card. Through no fault of my own I am without! What can I do? - CanI claim compensation? I wouldn't do such a thing normally but think they have treated me very badly and affected my life in quite a big way. - Afterall if I now go abroad I can't pay for anything unless I take cash and if at thebeginingthey hadtold me there wa achance they would take my card away for no reason I would have gone with my bank- who is First Direct - ... but now I am abroad they say they can't issue one.. but could have if I had one before I left!

    Help - its just not fair - there are many people I amsure who don't pay but I am good customer....What can I do?
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    Re: Do they have the rgiht to take my card with compemsating me?

    Although their behaviour is appalling, it's quite legal. It's widespread too - I know quite a few ordinary UK residents whose credit history was excellent but whose cards were suddenly withdrawn.


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      Re: Do they have the rgiht to take my card with compemsating me?

      Have you read their terms and conditions?


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        Re: Do they have the rgiht to take my card with compemsating me?

        nope - I just thought they would be honorable - says a lot for the UK - now I know why I left... you know its rare for people to have credit cards here and its a serious offence to bounce a cheque - and yes even at the supermarket people still use those things! How can card companies expect you to stick to the rules when they don't! ? - well in the UK they don't which is probably why the country has gone down the pan! Good luck to you all!


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          Re: Do they have the rgiht to take my card with compemsating me?

          I don't know how much it helps but the Eu directive which amended the consumer credit act by the addition of section 98a in February 2012 stated that any creditor that wishes to terminate a credit card must give at least 28 days notice and must "objectively justify" the decision to terminate.

          The act does not give a sanction for breach of this requirement that I am aware of, other than an obvious breach of statutory duty, but you could use this as the cause of complaint to the OFT.


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