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Marbles CCA response - is it sufficient??

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  • Marbles CCA response - is it sufficient??

    I have had a response to my CCA letter from Marbles, which includes a four page document headed "Credit Card Agreement Regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974"

    The document includes my name and address, their name and address and a list of terms re the account, payments, statements, credit limit, APR and interest rates etc.
    It is not dated.

    There is also a statement of account as per the date of their letter.

    Now I thought they were supposed to send me a copy (may be reconstituted) of the original terms (which presumably would need to be dated) and a copy of the current terms, plus details of any variations which they have made in between the two.

    Could someone please illuminate me? Two questions really -

    1. Is what they have sent enough?
    2. Should I ask them if they have a copy of the original agreement under CPUTR?

    Thanks :beagle:


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    On with the fight!!
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    Re: Marbles CCA response - is it sufficient??

    I have the same problem. http://www.legalbeagles.info/forums/...ad.php?t=26384

    Looks like Marbles (Halifax / BoS) can't locate original copy CCAs for all the cards they purchased. Mine was HFC Beneficial going back to 2000. Despite the fact that I have a letter from Marbles saying they can't find an agreement and despite them not sending me a recon CCA either, they still threaten me with their ability to fully enforce because the courts interpret useage of the card as acceptance of the agreement. Makes an utter nonsense of the CCA 1974 imo.

    I am looking at how CPUTR may help, with Caspars help (Casp, you out there good buddy?).


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      Re: Marbles CCA response - is it sufficient??

      Hi DS,

      Yep I'm here - just sent you an e-mail explaining the delay.


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        Re: Marbles CCA response - is it sufficient??

        You need to write and ask them for confirmation as to whether they currently hold an original Consumer Credit Agreement pertaining to yourself under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (CPUTR) 2008. (I have a thread running on this over the road....)

        By rec. delivery..... :-)
        Remember the mantra :
        NEVER communicate by 'phone.
        Send EVERYTHING by Recorded/Special Delivery
        Keep a copy of EVERYTHING sent
        Keep hold of EVERYTHING received

        The following have all backed off/lost the battle:

        A & L PLC; A & L Finance Ltd; Global Debt Management Services Ltd; Shoosmiths (solicitors); Fenton Cooper; Mack Hall; Moorcroft x2; HFC; Barclaycard; Mercers; The Lewis Group; CL Finance; Cabot; M&S Financial Services, Triton, Green & Co. (solicitors)....

        F&F settlement of a 52K ex-repossession shortfall... and now own my home once again....

        Currently dealing with Tesco (RBS) & Moorcroft for the 3rd time.... lucky, lucky me!!! .... :-)

        Life is like a game of Chess.... watch the enemy, defend yourself against aggressive manouvres and when in doubt, move a pawn....


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          Re: Marbles CCA response - is it sufficient??

          Thanks P1 - but where is "over the road" .........??


          On with the fight!!


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