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Marbles Statements

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  • Marbles Statements

    I have been in touch with Marbles to try to get some information out of them about overlimit and late payment fees that I have been charged in the past - their online system is one of the worst around, and online statements only go back a few months.
    However, they have told me that if I want copies of previous statements, they will charge 5 for the first 5 statements requested, followed by 5 per statement up to a maximum of 100!!
    They've got to be kidding - I'm trying to get some money back off them!
    Is there anything in writing about companies charging for old statements?:2w32gd1::2w32gd1::2w32gd1:
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    Re: Marbles Statements

    Subject Access Request which costs 10 for all your data which will normally include statement information.
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    Subject Access Request Data Protection Act - How to get your information. - Legal Beagles Consumer Forum

    The above is the guide to doing so.
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      Re: Marbles Statements

      Thanks for this - I get the impression that Marbles (or Halifax, who reply to my messages) don't really know what they are doing.
      I'll be following this up, so will post progress as it happens.


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        Re: Marbles Statements

        It's been a while since the last posting, but I have written the usual letter to Marbles asking for my fees back - I'll post updates as and when I can.


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          Re: Marbles Statements

          Out of curiosity, was it always a Marbles card or did they buy it from another company in the past? I had an HFC card that Marbles purchased in 2009 and they did get me copy statements going back to 2003 under a SAR. So I can see no justifiable reason why your data should be treated any differently.


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            Re: Marbles Statements

            If I remember rightly it was previously a Beneficial Card (which is HFC I think).


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              Re: Marbles Statements

              A quick update - received a refund of 48 + interest from Marbles a couple of days ago - no letter or any correspondence, just a credit on my account.
              Another result!:okay:


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                Re: Marbles Statements

                A couple of quick updates:
                1. Marbles have written to me saying they are going to jack my interest rate up to 35.9% - I wrote to them asking for a cut not an increase, but they rang to say cancelling the account was the only option. I have told them to cancel it, on the promise that someone else will contact me to see how they can help. I expect they will say they can't and it's tough.
                2. Beneficial - it has been a few years since Marbles took this account over from Beneficial, but I found an old card with my account number on so I've gone after HSBC/HFC for a refund of fees - I'll be honest in saying that I don't know how much might be involved, but it's worth a try.


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                  Re: Marbles Statements

                  Do you have an address for writing to theser as i am in the same boat as you. Thanks


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                    Re: Marbles Statements

                    If you mean Beneficial, I wrote to:
                    [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']HFC Bank [/FONT]
                    [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Camden House West
                    The Parade
                    B1 3PY
                    [FONT='Arial','sans-serif'].. quoting my original account number.[/FONT]


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