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Wrongfully got CCJ

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  • Wrongfully got CCJ


    i moved out of my previous address from Berkshire to West Midlands a few years ago but know the new owner so like once in the blue moon I get the odd letter that still manages to get there which is nearly always junk.

    anyway I saw them this weekend and got some letters, one of them turns out to be a letter saying I have CCJ against me from U.K. power networks claiming I broke a power cable in Pinner back in January.
    Iíve never been there more do anything like that for a living plus I was at work on that day. The letter looked like a scam so ignored it at first.
    A few hours later I got an email from my bank saying something alone the lines of due to recent adverse changes to my credit file they will be reducing my credit card limit.

    so I checked my credit report and there was a CCJ against my name since 9th September.
    The same day on 23rd October I sent a very strong email to the court and U.K. power networks asking for an explanation. The next day I got a call from U.K. power networks saying that they have made a mistake in identification and will ask the court to have it removed but cannot say how long it will take.

    im not happy with this response as this has caused a lot of stress and anxiety, not only is the CCJ having negative affect on my credit report all my credit card companies have reduced my limits which is having negative affect on credit report because it now says Iím using over 90% of available credit whereas before I was probably using about 10% of available credit.

    my mortgage deal is about to expire and this will have a massive impact as my score has dipped by nearly 350 points

    how can the company make a mistake in identity? As this all went to my old address Iíve not been aware of it and not seen any other letter for them demanding nearly £4000 from me.

    My question are:

    what other negative impact will this have on me?

    how soon will this be removed and will it completely be removed and restore my credit file back to how it was?

    what shall I do about my credit cards that now show Iím using 90% of my available credit as a result of this? Because this is also having a negative impact on my credit report.

    what are my options with regards to suing them for the inconvenience stress and anxiety this is causing me?

    Thanks Iím advance
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  • #2
    Have you contacted the Credit reference provider & told them all you have set out here & to register a challenge to the report ?


    • #3
      Yes I have with Experian. Will I have to do this with every credit reference agency? I only know of Experian and Equifax


      • #4
        Have you logged into your Experian account & confirmed what is happening? Prior to the CCJ there would have been other documents (sent to the other address) I assume? Do you have those letters?


        • #5
          Hi, I can confirm there have been no previous letter prior to the CCJ, there were 2 letters in total I received.
          mot is a case of mistaken identity according to U.K. power networks. I have contacted them earlier in the week asking how they got my name old address and d.o.b as I have never had any dealings with them. Iíve also asked for an internal investigation into how this mistake in identity was made and by who.

          Iíve still had no response, my credit score has dropped like a stone and this is seriously stressing me out. surely they canít just get away with this without any consequences?

          I would like to know if I should seek legal advice and am i eligible for any sort of compensation?


          • #6
            My Experian account shows I have a CCJ, I contacted Experian and they asked me to get UK power networks to contact the court


            • #7
              Do I have a case for any sort of claim?


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