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your views matter

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  • your views matter

    I understand 6yrs on cras and last payment etc.
    I have not made any payment and the account is now stayed at Northampton CC
    please see attachment should this fall off my credit file
    or should I request it's removed ...I know Noddle are slow on updates.
    all comments welcome
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    Re: your views matter

    It should be dropped automatically by callcredit from their reports by 29/01/2016.

    (sometimes can be a bit earlier on CC)

    Will not disappear from your Noddle report though until the next updated report you get after that date.

    As you know, the Noddle report is a snapshot of the CC one on a particular date, and then frozen until the next update a month or so later when it gets refreshed when you log in.


    • #3
      Re: your views matter

      Thanks ...I'm watching my file....just wanted to. Check that I am understand the process


      • #4
        Re: your views matter

        Ok, as said it's dropped automatically. You should not have to do anything to make that happen.


        • #5
          Re: your views matter

          I was a little concerned as the date on the attachment doesn't match the red marker D it's a few months later does that make a difference?


          • #6
            Re: your views matter

            No. It goes from the date of default in the main section, not the months status codes.


            • #7
              Re: your views matter

              Fab....thanks for taking time to help


              • #8
                Re: your views matter

                What happened Nov / Dec 2014 as it went down by £650 ??

                Did you pay anything?


                • #9
                  Re: your views matter

                  I know I can see its up and down like waves on the sea...me have paid nothing


                  • #10
                    Re: your views matter

                    Update.....yippee no longer on my credit file both Cabot and bcard. now gone like magic ....also doesn't show on my closed accounts....I think this is good news? Stat barred etc?


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                      Re: your views matter

                      Can anybody please advise ....today I recd a letter from MORTIMER C SOLS attaching a income and expenses asking me to complete and the debt still outstanding...as said before this was stayed in NCC..it no longer shows on my credit file I have not paid anything do we have a template to respond to this letter.
                      default date jan 2010.., stayed in court jan 2015 .....what do I need to do


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