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Default with RBS

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  • Default with RBS

    Hi everyone Im hoping to get some help. I'm hoping for a wee bit of help.

    I recently requested copies of my default notices from RBS for two overdrafts I held with them,
    as I don't seem to have them (have every other bit of paperwork from them, so it seems like I never received the documents, I hoard everything, would never have misplaced that sort of thing!)

    The documents they sent me are dated 2011, but the defaults my credit file show are from 2012...

    Can anyone help me fathom this out?

    I though that if they served notices in 2011,the dates on my credit file would show 2011? The woman I'm corresponding with said she would look into it, but I wanted to check this out with someone with a more impartial view!

    They are also saying they can't provide me with a copy of my default notice for credit card as "notices' are produced automatically and the figures provided are created on a specific day. The format we currently use is now different so we can't physically re-create a duplicate notice that will match the one we sent to you."

    I should still be able to SAR them though and see in the correspondence paperwork that they did indeed send the default notice?

    Sorry if this is a silly question, I am trying my best to get myself and my credit file sorted and I just wanted to get advice from anyone who knew a bit more about this sort of stuff.

    Thanks for reading
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    Re: Default with RBS


    I have exactly the same complaint going through with FOS about late default via LLoyds. I did a SAR which showed a DN was sent out in Dec 2008 yet the default was applied to my credit file Jun 2010.

    The response I had from LLoyds was that they have done everything by the book and treated me fairly. I'm not sure if this correct but I have been told that they are not obliged to apply a default even after sending a default notice. TBH I find this hard to believe and still looking into it. Going back a few month a member of this forum suggested that they WERE obliged to apply a default within 14 days of the default notice.

    I believe that they are not obliged to keep the original DN and can send a recon copy if requested.

    Maybe somebody else more experienced will comment

    I will keep you updated if I get a response from FOS on this matter


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      Re: Default with RBS

      Sending a DN under s87 is not always an automatic default on your credit file. Classic example would be if you are on a DMP or arrangement to pay where the payments level is quite high, so they have to issue a DN to end the contract but accept the payments without putting a default on your credit file.

      So really depends what the payment history was on the accounts.


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