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Debt Star -vs - Experian

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    Re: Debt Star -vs - Experian

    I think credit scores/points are a bit of a con truth be told. I suspect the CRAs like punters paying to see these but I reckon creditors look for the APs and Defaults, as you say. Also, I have 3 defaults and a totally bu99ered credit file but a score of 900 with one CRA. Another CRA has me on about 1 (which is more realistic ). Whats even more crazy is that hwn I rang the CRA in question (the 900 one) and they looked into it they admitted the score was right because of unused credit, electoral roll etc etc etc and that the scores are a waste of time as the lenders don't bother with them.

    On the Arrangement poinbt, surely when an account reverts to normal payments, the "AP" criteria changes though?


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      Re: Debt Star -vs - Experian

      A quick question if I may in the hope that someone might know the answer.

      I have emailed Experian about this but I don't really trust them and will cheerfully report back what they have to say.

      I have something like 20 entries under the heading "Number of aliases (other names) and/or financial associations recorded" on my credit file.

      Now, ALL of these relate to the same person, my OH. The credit file also goes on to say that the more entries there are here the more 'damage' it does to one's credit score.

      Given that there's 20 entries relating to my spouse, it hardly seems fair does it? What's more, half of those entries are more than 6 years old.

      Q. Can the CRAs keep these entries indefinitely? ie forever? or can they be removed?

      Q. Is there anyway to get them to shorten the list a bit as its the same person all 20 entries relate to?


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        Re: Debt Star -vs - Experian

        Hi DS,

        A thought for you and other considers. Since my DWP case I've developed quite an interest in the DPA 1998. It is the direct responsibility of the data controller of the organisation that publishes the information to ensure under one of the eight enforceable underlying principles of the DPA (Number 4 off the top of my head) to ensure that all information published is accurate. Another states that information should not be held for any longer than necessary.

        Could this be a route you could take with the data controller of experian to get anything inaccurate removed?

        He will claim he is only passing on information given to him by Barclays, but by passing it on and publishing it he is processing your data, so needs to ensure it is accurate. That is why newspapers are the ones sued for libel - they published it, even if they're not directly responsible for the information in the first place.

        If you do complain to the ICO word your letter carefully otherwise it will almost certainly be dismissed.


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          Re: Debt Star -vs - Experian

          cheers bud. I'll post up their official response when i get it. Hopefully I won't have to ICO. Yes, u r right about being precise on DPA issues. All new to me though, just like CCA issues! Groan!


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            Re: Debt Star -vs - Experian

            This from Experian:

            "- Financial Associations
            Financial associations show details of anyone you are financially connected to. These are created by joint accounts, joint applications, joint court judgments, or from information you have given to us. If you apply for joint finance it is likely an association will be recorded.
            When you apply for credit, a lender may take into account financial information about people you are financially connected to.
            The number of times a financial association is recorded does not affect your credit.
            We can only remove these entries if either you or your financial associate tell us that you are no longer financially connected."

            So that info, along with an Arrangement to Pay indicator (on a separate thread I started), can potentially stay on one's credit files for the remainder of our lives.


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              Re: Debt Star -vs - Experian

              And another response from Experian...

              I queried the number (sheer volume) of "aliases" recorded on my partner's credit file eg someone's maiden name, as in the case of Mrs Debt Star. We noticed that although it was the same maiden name, it appears no less than 12 times on the credit report because recorded by different creditors, some more than 10 years ago.

              This is what Experian had to say:

              "An alias is a record of another name you are, or have previously been known by. Lenders will use this information to help them find a complete history of your finances.

              Multiple alias entries should have no bearing on your credit rating. [ie they COULD do]

              This information
              will be retained indefinitely.

              The alias recorded by CreditExpert is there to record that you have also been known by the name of XXXXXXX. You gave us this information when you completed your online application and you gave your consent for us to record this information by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions."

              The last paragrpah is a joke because Experian themselves have added a further TWO alias entries for the SAME name, and all because the OH signed up for their membership scheme.

              ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              ------------------------------- merged -------------------------------

              Before I forget, I also queried why Barclaycard could regsiter"2" missed payments when the preceding month had "0" missed payments AND why barclaycrad could record me as "1" missed paynment when it clearly showed beneath that number a payment I had made under my AP at the time.

              The response I got from Experian was....

              "Ask Barclays. We're don't own the data, they do."
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                Re: Debt Star -vs - Experian

                Originally posted by The Debt Star View Post

                This information
                will be retained indefinitely.

                The response I got from Experian was....

                "Ask Barclays. We're don't own the data, they do."
                Have a read of this after you've read what I put and see if you agree, it's from a government site: Data Protection Act

                Final bit first. They may not own the data. That is totally irrelevant in my point of view. They are processing and publishing the data, and their data controller is responsible for ensuring they abide by the 8 principles below. If data is wrong they have breached principle #4.

                As regards your first issue of aliases, are they breaching principles Nos. 3, 5 and 6. Arguably probably #4 again as the person called Mrs DS Maiden Name no longer exists so it is inaccurate - that person is now just Mrs DS.

                The act contains eight “Data Protection Principles”. These specify that personal data must be:
                1. Processed fairly and lawfully.
                2. Obtained for specified and lawful purposes.
                3. Adequate, relevant and not excessive.
                4. Accurate and up to date.
                5. Not kept any longer than necessary.
                6. Processed in accordance with the “data subject’s” (the individual’s) rights.
                7. Securely kept.
                8. Not transferred to any other country without adequate protection in situ.

                I seem to be the only one who uses these as an argument which makes me question whether I am missing something, but to me they are very clear and the DPA itself is very clear that they are enforceable, along with the bit about the responsibility of the data controller. What I don't understand is why more people don't use these as an argument - it certainly put the willies up the DWP and is giving my local council huge headaches at the moment.

                They really do not like it when you tell them you have things recorded either verbally in a telephone conversation or in writing. They also don't like it when the council data processor has signed a piece of paper stating they will do x, y and z then when they write to you and say they can't you turn round and say sorry, you've got to - I've got it in writing from you signed by you personally! If you made a mistake, with respect that is your problem and not mine!
                Last edited by Caspar; 4th January 2011, 21:07:PM.


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                  Re: Debt Star -vs - Experian

                  Truth is Casp, the CRAs don't give a fig about the 8 Principles (or any other principles for that matter).

                  I got this email from them earlier today about the clearly inaccurate data Barclaycrap have been placing on my credit files:

                  "Thank you for your email, which we received on X January 2011.

                  YOUR QUERY:

                  - Barclaycard (Account started XXXX)


                  All of our clients sign up to strict terms and conditions stipulating that they must only provide us with information that is compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998.
                  Companies are also aware that if they do not comply with the relevant legislation this could threaten their licence to trade so it is not in their best interests to supply data to us that is inaccurate.

                  The account information we hold actually belongs to lenders. Only they can amend it or tell us to amend it for them.

                  WHAT I RECOMMEND YOU DO NEXT:

                  Credit reference agencies simply store credit account records on behalf of lenders. As a result, if you have any queries about a credit account you should contact the company direct. I cannot change these records without the lender's consent. When you contact the lender please make sure you enclose a copy of the account from your credit report. This will help them to resolve your query much more quickly. The contact details you may need are:

                  PO Box 5402,
                  NN4 1ZR

                  I would also advise that the Information Commissioner or indeed the Data Protection Act 1998 does not dictate that we must remove disputed information from credit reports.

                  We have confirmed with Barclaycard that the data is correctly recorded, we cannot remove this account from your report unless Barclaycard ask us to do so.

                  If you feel the information has been incorrectly recorded by Barclaycard and that the response from them regarding the account is unsatisfactory, you may wish to contact the Information Commission at the following address:

                  The Information Commissioner:
                  Wycliffe House,
                  Water Lane,
                  SK9 5AF

                  The Information Commissioner regulates the Data Protection Act 1998 and it follows that he regulates the work we do. A lender must ensure that the information they share with Credit Reference Agency is correct, if this is not the case a lender would be in breach of the Act.

                  Kind regards
                  A. Drone
                  Consumer Services Officer
                  Customer Support Centre
                  Experian Interactive


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                    Re: Debt Star -vs - Experian

                    Does anyone have to hand the addresses of the three main CRA's. I'd like to write a letter to each of them regarding their processing of data just to see how they respond. It may be helpful to have things clarified anyway.

                    The problem in my head is that the CRA's are definitely processing and publishing data, albeit data supplied by say Caspar Bank. Now if Caspar Bank has given them inaccurate information, the DPA makes it absolutely crystal clear that the Data Controller of of the CRA is directly responsible for the accuracy of that information if they process it. I'd like to ask how they ensure the data they process is accurate (a fair request under FOI) and for the names and addresses of their data controllers.

                    DS I note you say they don't give a toss about DPA, but the fact remains that it exists, it is clear and they cannot just pretend it doesn't exist because it suits them. The rules and obligations seem quite clear to me.

                    So, I fell a letter coming on!


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