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Lowell Group - Incorrect reporting to Credit Reference Agencies

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  • Lowell Group - Incorrect reporting to Credit Reference Agencies

    After spending 30+ years building up an exemplary credit history, I have spent the past 3 years trying to get Lowell group to remove a default notice that they have incorrectly recorded against my name with all UK Credit reference agencies - so far without success - and would appreciate any advice Legal Beagles could give me on pursuing Lowells through the courts for compensation.

    Lowells first pursued me for a delinquent Barclaycard debt in April 2006. I contacted them by phone and a couplke of months later they wrote confirming that they had "contacted me erroneously" and that they assured me that "this will not effect your credit rating in any way".

    Two months later I received a Summer Offer from Lowells to pay off half of the amount as a special offer followed by a letter from Hamptons Legal (part of Lowell group) threatening me with legal action if i didn't pay up.

    I wrote again and in September 2006 received a letter from lowells confirming that they had pursued me due to an "administrative error" and again assuring me that my credit history would not be adversely effected.

    A year later I tried to open a business banking account with NatWest but was refused due to "adverse entries" on my credit report - Lowells had never removed the incorrect entry so i wrote to them again to be told once again that this was an "administrative error" and that Lowells had contacted all credit reference Agencies to remove all defaults registered against my name.

    In February 2009 I applied for a Lloyds bank credit card and was again refused because lowells had never removed the adverse entry despite all previous assurances.

    That was enough for me - a formal complaint was sent to the information Commissioners Office in March 2009 but I have just been told that there ius a huge backlog of complaints and the ICO are currently looking at complaints from November 2008 so they won't get around to my complaint until the end of 2009 at the earliest!

    Apologies for the detail but I need the following advice:-

    The original debt (which has nothing to do with me) started on 30/11/02 and defaulted on 1/12/03. As far as i can see it was first registered against my name by Lowells sometime in 2006 and has stayed on my credit file ever since BUT will be removed automatically in December 2009 (6 years after the original default).

    AM I IN DANGER of running up against any Statute of limitations time deadlines for pursuing a claim against Lowell group for Libel damages and if so, what are they?

    Sorry for the length of the post but.........

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    Re: Lowell Group - Incorrect reporting to Credit Reference Agencies


    I have exactly the same problem. Lowells have added a linked address and put a default account on my CR file and I have never lived at te address. To make matters worse other DCA's have picked up on this and added even more linked addresses.

    I rang Lowell and said they had made a mistake. Ater 6 months I thought I had convinced them only to receive 3 more letters asking for money on accounts I have never had. from Red Debt !!!!!!

    These people are scum. As part of my job I was asked to complete a Goverment Security Clearence form. I had to complete details about my financial situation. I told them everything that was outstanding but was rejected as there was more on the Credit Files than I told them. Because they were not mine I could not tell them anything about them. This has effected my job prostects at this company.

    I was ecstatic to read about Dr Mike Thompson

    However, He has money to pay expensive solicitors and I do not. I am right back at the beginning now and have to send a Data Subject Access request to Lowell to see how they have justified adding all this incorrect stuff onto my name.

    If you get anywhere let me know and I will do the same


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      Re: Lowell Group - Incorrect reporting to Credit Reference Agencies

      We do not have a "statute of limitations" in this country - the applicable law is the Limitation Act 1980 and s.4A states that for cases of libel or slander, or slander of title, slander of goods or other malicious falsehood no such action shall be brought after the expiration of one year from the date on which the cause of action accrued.


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