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Default over 6 years.

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  • Default over 6 years.

    I was doing abit of research and saw the name ROB who replied to someones thread and it came across to me that you may be able to help me here on this site as a few of you clearly know your stuff. It's related to a default from a non payment as far back as May 2013. It's a water utility company. In any event I appreciate you taking the time to read this, should you be in a position to help please read on. If not dont read any further.
    The facts.
    In May of 2013 I stopped paying my water bill, (not proud of it but I entered family court for access rights to my children and so something had to give). No payments were then made and no contact between them and I at all whilst I remained at the property. I moved out of the property in March of 2015.

    In February 2016 they added a Default to my Credit file. Now from a little research, it's clear the right to do that by Water utilities came about from legislation change around April that year. So it's legal for them to do so and that's not my dispute.

    The dispute is the date it was added. From what I can gather (please correct me if I'm wrong) general guidelines state that they have to wait 3 months to add a default and must allow the opportunity for the client to set up a repayment plan. So it is expected between 3 and 6 months, the default is added and should not be delayed or surpass 6 years.

    If they were to wait until December 2013 before adding the default notice, well over 6 months. Then by 2020 there would no longer be a default. However they added it in February 2016, just under 3 years after contact and payment stopped.

    I contacted the CRAs and they informed me that DWR CYMRU add the default and the information belongs to them, so speak to them.

    I emailed DWR CYMRU and the response is as follows: *I understand you vacated the above property April 2015, however you failed to advise Welsh Water. We made various attempts to communication with you, without any response.

    As you failed to contact us the default was raised in February 2016 (when we first started reporting to Experian)

    The balance of 1756.01, was then written off your account in August 2016 as was uncollectable. Welsh Water will continue to report for 6 years, as the balance is not showing as settled.*

    I have replied and asked for the legislation they are using in my particular case as it appears to me that they have added it years later.

    I understand that they have the power to do that as from 2016 but I very much doubt it was intended to be used on old non payment clients. Or if it was, surely removed 6 years from non payment date. It appears to me as a total abuse of powers.

    I am attempting to get on the property ladder again now after spending every penny I had in family court. Life is on the mend and I have no outstanding bills or payments other than this Default. I appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks again.

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      EnglandPi can you help? Or is in not your discipline?


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