Finally after many years of fixing things from my youth I've finally got a good credit history, excellent in fact. But my wife who traditional had very good history over an period of a 6 months has had damaged one due to HSBC in 2019.

Hard to decipher what's actually gone on looking at her credit history her HSBC she went over her overdraft limit (100) I guess due too the car finance or something coming out and money clearing from a job.

The wife tells me she remembers some issue with getting a cheque from work which bounced or took days to clear which started the issue. Then getting hit with fee's added too the account from HSBC. So for a period of 6 months there was more money coming out then going in due too these fees.

After a period of time trying to make payment over a number of months, she gets annoyed by this vicious loop of fees and phones HSBC up to complain. Explaining how am I expected to get out of this deficit if you keep charging fee's more and more. Anyway they agreed, froze the fee and let her repay over X amount of months. More then a year on all's good. Its left a bitter taste because if the phone call was made sooner there wouldn't of been a issue, lesson learnt.

The problem is were now looking too re-mortgage and these 6 late payments in a row are flagging up in her history. It isn't stopping us from getting a mortgage but the rates are terrible. 4.5%.

I've been wondering if there's a way to get this removed. In my youth I had a disputed default I had removed by requesting a SARs. Due to a technicality, no default notice was given and I had it removed. I'm now wondering if I can do the same in some similar fashion.

- Unfair fee's perhaps?
- Was due to late payment from work etc
- Went unnoticed for a period of time. Why wasn't she notified.

Thanks for the help.