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CCJ Dispute and Removal

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  • MikeM
    started a topic CCJ Dispute and Removal

    CCJ Dispute and Removal

    Hi There,

    I have been advised to contact yourselves as specialists in advising on possible CCJ removal.

    Basically, I have a CCJ (the only one I have ever had) that I was fighting to be avoided for many months by a company called Idem, however despite doing everything they requested, a CCJ was still entered. I believe that this was entered unfairly and in error and would desperately like to attempt to get this removed. The circumstances around my Idem accounts were as follows:

    One Idem account had a balance of 3,444
    The other Idem account had a balance of 6,603

    The balances are now 978 and 2053 respectively so I have so far paid off more than 7,000

    I have had arrangements on both accounts on and off since inception and I have always dealt with both accounts in tandem whenever dealing with Idem

    During 2018 both accounts were on hold for a while I recovered from a drop in business and eventually during November 2018, payments were resumed on both

    During this time I also changed address and advised them of this however unknown to me they had been sending letters to my old address threatening to pass one of the accounts to litigation even though I believe I was still in negotiation with them

    Unfortunately by the time the letter was passed on to me from my old address I it was two days past the judgement date which I never even knew had been threatened

    I pleaded with them not to proceed as I had always been in touch with them, called them as soon as the correspondence finally reached me and entered into a new arrangement.On top of this my other Idem account, although dealt with in exactly the same way , remained free from any litigation/CCJ even being considered. In addition I had already paid them 7,000 (75% roughly of the debt) which was a clear sign of my commitment

    I have never had a CCJ in my life and absolutely did not want one now at the age of 53 as I had my rental renewal approaching which I knew could be stopped should a CCJ be showing on my record

    Despite all of this they rejected my plea and said all I can do is send in a letter of complaint which I did

    My complaint was rejected with my only option to apply to have judgement set aside or removed

    I have not yet pursued this as to be honest, the thought of all the stress involved in trying to remove it at a time when I was under the threat of losing my home and struggling to keep my business afloat , seemed all too much.

    I now have a renewed determination and I am hoping that you may be able to help me in trying to pursue the removal of this CCJ as it has ruined me and my credit record with any recent borrowing having to be made with very bad credit loan companies at an extortionate rate

    I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you can advise me accordingly.
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  • Morlock
    Do you have evidence that you advised Idem of a change of address?
    What date was the CCJ issued?

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