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Zagley Lloyds Credit Reference Issues

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    Re: Zagley Lloyds Credit Reference Issues

    Dear Sir/Madam

    ACCOUNT NUMBER(s): xxxxxxxxx (or multiple numbers if more than one account)
    1. I formally request that you forward me a true record of any Data held by your organisation relating to myself for the complete term of the account(s).
    2. I am also aware this request should include any Data held for more than 6 years as under the Data Protection Act there is no time limit for information requested.
    3. If you do not hold Data for a period longer than 6 years I also request confirmation of this in writing along with your methods used for disposal of such information to comply with the Data Protection Act stating the name and contact information of your registered Data Controller and Code Compliance Officer.
    4. Additionally, where there has been any event in my account history over this period which has required manual intervention by any member of your staff, or any other person, I require disclosure of any indication or notes which have either caused or resulted in that manual intervention, or other evidence of that manual intervention in relation to my business with you.If you are unable to supply this data because there has been no such manual intervention, then please be so kind as to confirm this in your writing.
    5. As you have blatantly breached a number of the Data Protection Principles by unlawfully processing inaccurate information regarding a false alias who happens to be my sister I require you to provide documentary proof of how you can justify that this person is me. Please also be aware that should you provide personal information about this person to me, you will be in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 for providing personal data of another person and this matter will be taken up with the relevant authorities. If you are unable to provide information about this alias then I require that this inaccurate alias link is removed from all of my credit files with all Credit Reference Agencies with immediate effect.
    I enclose the statutory maximum fee of 10. You have 40 days from receipt of this request in which to return to me the information requested , securely and in legible condition.

    If there is specific information which you require in order to satisfy yourself as to my identity, please let me know promptly. However, please note that the above address is the one registered with your organisation and which you have previously found to be acceptable.

    I would be happy to prove my identity or collect any documents at my local branch.

    Yours faithfully,


    Right just add the paragraph at 5) to te SAR and when you send the SAR add a covering letter pointing out that you suggest they pay particular attention to section 5) of the enclosed subject access request.

    I think that we need to get a complaint logged with the Information Comissioners Office (ICO), this can be done here: http://www.ico.gov.uk/upload/documen...laint_form.doc

    Get it filled in as best you can and post up any questions you have. Like I have said about the FOS the ICO also require you to give the firm time to respond, however it doesn't specify a timescale so as long as you have offered to give them a suitable time to respond to your letter then this can get sent.

    Catch you later.

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      Re: Zagley Lloyds Credit Reference Issues

      Things get worse. I had an email from Call Credit a short while ago saying Lloyds have agreed to remove the alias link - but, according to my credit report my credit score is now a 1 - it was a 2 previously????


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        Re: Zagley Lloyds Credit Reference Issues

        Originally posted by Zagley View Post
        but, according to my credit report my credit score is now a 1 - it was a 2 previously????

        Have a read of this thread Legal Beagles


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          Re: Zagley Lloyds Credit Reference Issues

          Originally posted by Zagley View Post
          Things get worse. I had an email from Call Credit a short while ago saying Lloyds have agreed to remove the alias link - but, according to my credit report my credit score is now a 1 - it was a 2 previously????
          Very strange, not had much dealings with call credit other than to check a cap one default was removed.

          Perhaps an email back asking questions as to why this has happened may shed some light.
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          I would also be asking for written confirmation as to when it has been removed.

          Next step is to go for compo from LTSB via the FOS.

          Can you get a written statement from yout IFA to state that the reason why your re-mortgage was refused was due to the alias link?
          ------------------------------- merged -------------------------------
          Have you missed any other payments at any point?

          You are on the electoral role etc I gather?
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            Re: Zagley Lloyds Credit Reference Issues

            PKEA - you're a star, a feel much better for reading that. In my late twenties (I'm now in my mid thirties) I had a lot of debt and may have missed a credit card payment or two but I never defaulted, never had a CCJ or an IVA or anything like that - in otherwords, I had a lot of debt but it was managed debt.

            Tanz, Call Credit have been excellent. Easy to talk to, have always responded quickly and happy to explain things, the actual report is a billion times easier to read than those I've had from other agencies over the years. The guy I have been dealing with admitted it was strange but he said that potential lenders don't see it so I shouldn't get too stressed about it. He also told me, in an email, that it has been removed already but will not show up until tomorrow as updates are run overnight.

            I will talk to my IFA. He's incredibly helpful so he may be prepared to do something. I will also look into the compensation situation. Although Lloyds confirmed to Call Credit that they will remove the alias link (and have done so), I still have not had a response from them personally.

            I had the one "missed" payment on my credit card that wasn't actually a missed payment but a payment made too early but that's all. It's years since I missed payments other than that. In the beginning of June my employer failed to pay my salary into my account (mix-up on account number) and so there were problems and charges. But, I got a credit report after that and it didn't seem to have shown up on it. The only payment it affected was a transfer from my current account to my joint account in any event.

            I'm sure I am on the electoral register - I should be as I've lived in my house for almost two years. I'll double check that.


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              Re: Zagley Lloyds Credit Reference Issues

              HI Guys. I needed a couple of days off from this once the alias link had been removed as it was slowly driving me mad. I was dreaming about it and everything. However, now back on the bandwagon and have done my SAR and am ready to send it off. Who should I make the cheque payable to though - Lloyds TSB?

              It doesn't end there though. Lloyds TSB have removed the alias link BUT they have not removed something which in my opinion is even more incriminating. I didn't pick it up at first but there was an address link to my mum and dad's house - from Lloyds TSB again. Thing is (like I say, it didn't register at first and it was my boyfriend that picked it up) I never lived there and have never used it as a service or correspondence address EVER. My sister still uses it as her correspondence address for Lloyds. In my mind this proves they have cross referenced our files as I have never supplied them with that address. The date on the entry is the same as the date of the alias link.

              I also noticed a mis-leading entry from Halifax relating to a credit card I have with them. In September I made a payment too early on my Halifax credit card effectively making two payments within one payment period and none in the following period - I'd made my normal payment and then when my company reimbursed me for expenses that I'd put on my credit card I paid it off straight away. so, in the subsequent month I didn't make a payment, believing I already had. Within 20 minutes of getting a letter explaining I hadn't made a payment, I made one but it counted as a missed payment. I thought that was it. However, I then received a letter saying that because of the whole saga they were reducing my credit limit from 6,800 to 500 BUT the letter had taken a week to get to me and in that time I had used the card which took me over the 500 limit. I rang straight away, they saw exactly what had happened, put the limit up to 750 immediately and refunded fee for exceeding my limit but also for the "late/missed" payment without me even having to ask. All this is fine but I still have a missed payment on my credit report. It shows one missed payment then the following payment shows the balance as being 670 when my credit limit is 500 - which obviously doesn't look good to any potential lender - as well as being not quite accurate. Can I get this amended by taking it up with Halifax? They also told me that by writing to Halifax Card Services people I could get my credit limit increased again but this hasn't happened either!

              Tanz, I double checked and yes, I am on the electoral role for my current address and have been 1st June 2007 according to my report.
              ------------------------------- merged -------------------------------
              Oh, and I forgot to add my letters to Lloyds TSB and the FOS were acknowledged, letters received yesterday.
              ------------------------------- merged -------------------------------
              Oh, and Lloyds seem to have changed the address that these letters should be sent to. It's now

              DSAR Unit, Lloyds TSB, Customer Service Recovery, Charlton Place, C57, Andover, SP10 1RE
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                Re: Zagley Lloyds Credit Reference Issues

                Yes send the payment to Lloyds TSB when sending the SAR. THe Andover address deals with all data compliance so you can sned it there. However when it comes to any prelimiary requests or letters before action etc I would use the head office address which is:

                Lloyds TSB Bank plc
                25 Gresham Street,
                EC2V 7HN


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                  Re: Zagley Lloyds Credit Reference Issues

                  Thanks Tanz


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                    Re: Zagley Lloyds Credit Reference Issues

                    Hi Tanz, just thought I'd let you know that I'm still waiting for responses from Lloyds TSB - hence my silence. They are being extremely annoying and have sent me a letter asking for my signature again as they "don't have a copy of my signature on their records". My opinion is that they're just trying to annoying as they very definitely do have a copy of my signature! Off to Halifax at lunchtime to see if I can get a personal loan now that the alias link has been removed. I'm not optimistic.


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