looking for any help. I have three catalogue debts that were sold to arrow global in 2012. I was paying through stepchange and then via a CCA check the debt was unenforceable. They stopped all payments on the account. I queried this and told them that the account should be defaulted by shop direct as there was no payments for four months.After this they started putting late payments on my file. I queried this and they agreeed to take them off and stated the default was not added as a good will gestu. I have contacted them for a year my accounts are still active on my credit file and they didn’t remove all the late markers so it’s affect my credit score. Is there anything I can do. They will not respond to me at all ? I just want the default added in April 2006 when it was defaulted. This would then drop off my file. Can I do anything about this. They stopped reporting on my credit file since July 2018