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Advantage Gold Account PPI and unresolved joint account

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  • Advantage Gold Account PPI and unresolved joint account

    I'm afraid I posted this in the wrong place just now so am trying again. Hi. I'm very new to this and have been reading a lot today so I thought I'd throw my issues out to the site... Myself and my ex common law wife had a business account and a private account with Natwest ... We split up about 7 years ago and she stopped working at the company around the same time..we were very lax about our arrangements .... Just over 2 years ago the company was made insolvent and the bank called in a 70k overdraft using the threat of taking my partners house off her to clear the debt...I didn't consider it anything to do with her but they said shed signed a personal guarantee ( for a 2k overdraft). Luckily . We came to a voluntary arrangement and settled for 50k which a very kind friend lent us. At the time our joint Advantage Gold account was overdrawn to the tune of 4500.. I have been paying 120 a month into this for some time now to try and clear it but when I checked last it had hardly gone down at all.. I went into the branch nearest me and asked how I could clear it quicker. They informed me there was a gold card on the account and a lot of what I was paying was disappearing to pay for this... Neither my ex or myself are using the account...I would just like to get rid of it and have tried to talk to them about it but they say my partner has to deal with it... When I spoke with her she said she gets much the same answer from them. We are no longer together but still have a joint account and both of us would really like to close it...unfortunately neither of us is in a position to clear the outstanding balance.
    then this week ,bored and away from home I read about ppi on advantage gold accounts, so I messaged my ex to see what she knew about the account.She wrote back to say they definitely mis sold her ppi and that she remembers calling them several times to ask them to stop taking the insurance money out as she'd never agreed to it... I never had much to do with our financial affairs and I'm afraid I was very cavalier about all the financial side of things but I would love to shut this book once and for all... I've downloaded the SAR forms and am thinking I should do that when I get back home on Monday but can anyone advise me what else I can do... I must add that since we came to the voluntary agreement on the business account I have been unable to access my joint account online and I never receive any statements from Natwest... Thanks in advance Mark
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    Re: Advantage Gold Account PPI and unresolved joint account

    Hi... If you have PPI on this Gold Account then if I were you I would reclaim it (unless you wanted it in the first place)
    Send a Data Protection Act Subject Access Request off to NatWest. If you go on their website look for the Data Protection Compliance address. It costs 10 and the Bank has 40 days to rattle everything they hold on this together and return it in a nice fat envelope. Bottom line is, if you think you were mis-sold PPI fill in a PPI complaint form I think you will even find NatWest will have a dedicated page online.... :tongue2: Don't hesitate to come back ask any help you need!


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      Re: Advantage Gold Account PPI and unresolved joint account

      Thank You... I'm in Poland until Monday and then I'm going to try and send in the request...Am I correct in thinking my ex partner will need to send one in as well ?? It's a little bit difficult as we are miles apart but at least we're still mates


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        Re: Advantage Gold Account PPI and unresolved joint account

        What's most annoying is they never send me any statements and I didn't even know there was a gold card.They definitely know my address as I live at the same place as the business account was held .Its just it was much easier for them to try and take money from my ex as her assets were much easier to liquidate. I even went into my local branch where they know me very well ( first name basis) and they told me they didn't want my business any more as a result of the business going insolvent..... Pretty rich from a company that lost millions of our money at the same time


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          Re: Advantage Gold Account PPI and unresolved joint account

          It might have been one of the overdraft protection things, which as Mineral1 has said is a PPI that can be claimed and your wife's insistence on cancelling initially is clearly a stopping point. You need to clarify when she called up to do this.

          Joint accounts where a couple have split up should have and could have been stopped at the point you split which might have frozen the account allowing you to each open up a single account and dealing with your finances separately. I think the lapse mentioned in post one is the cause of the problem now......Keep us informed. Please can you clarify if you had a Gold account or an Advantage Gold account(top of your statement should state this) is this a personal bank account or joint credit card account or both?
          "Family means that no one gets forgotten or left behind"
          (quote from David Ogden Stiers)


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            Re: Advantage Gold Account PPI and unresolved joint account

            Thank you so much. I will be home on Monday and will try and get more information and then get back on here


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