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Bankruptcy annulment advice needed

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  • Bankruptcy annulment advice needed

    I declared myself bankrupt in March 21 for £35k with no assets and income of ESA and Pip.

    in August my dear friend died and left me £55k in cash and a car valued at £15k.

    I have tried to find a solicitor to take on an annulment application but I canít pay the upfront £4k and if I donít get the result I need I canít pay the balance.

    so Iím on my own here.

    I need to know.

    if I get an annulment because the debts have been paid in full. Will I get the 15% realisation fee back?

    what happens if creditors donít prove debts? Currently out if £35k only 2 have proved totalling around £12k.

    if I donít try and annul this I will lose all of my inheritance to fees, 15% realisation fee, 8% statutory interest, £7990 bankruptcy fee, £450 distribution fee.

    is it worth the fight?

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    I cant see what grounds you would have for an annulment, you were declared bankrupt because at the time of the ruling you were unable to pay or service your debts as they fell due.

    I cant see what grounds you would have, certainly not from the message above
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