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Accidental shoplifting

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  • Accidental shoplifting

    Good afternoon to all

    Last week I went Tesco doing some shopping.

    I used the scan as you go as I needed only few things
    When I arrived at check out I was selected as random random

    The cashier made some scans of the items ,I paid and I went out.

    Once at home I realized that I didn't scan an item . I took two small item of the cost of 1 pound and I scanned only one of it.

    I was sure that I scanned twice cause the little scan did the sound for two time.

    I know that is my fault that I didn't double checked and the cashier nether did but I feel very shamed of it

    Can I get in trouble for this? Even after a week?

    Can I be marked as suspect shoplifter? I'm worried cause I'm a very unsure when I do shopping I go around million times and always pick something and come back to put on the self
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    That was not shoplifting
    Tesco cashier seems to have made a mistake as well, and quite honestly do you think they would put out an all ports alert for the sake of !

    You will not be in any trouble, the police will not be breaking down your door and no one at Tesco has even noticed



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      Thank you.

      I hope so! I'm a very anxious person and now I have the feeling to act suspect every time I go in Tesco. I have the feeling they are watching me .



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        They won't be watching you for the sake of 1


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          Sometimes when we are way too honest it can cause us problems. I think most people in the situation would think its a little bonus on behalf of a company who have run so many small business owners into the ground. Regardless I do understand what it is like to have anxiety to the point in which you describe. If you are truly worried and cant stop worries there is nothing wrong in going to tesco Customer service and explaining what happened and offering to give them the pound back. I doubt they will actually take it back but they definetly wont take any action and it will put your mind at rest about the whole situation. All the very best to you x


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            May I suggest that you only use the check out cashier in future, I often use the quick pay, but I have to keep my eye on Mrs as she wants to rush things, that's where mistakes happen as has been said many times on here. Not your fault but it happens.


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