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Received Baliff Letter 24hrs notice of plan to carry out warrant unless pay in full.

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  • Received Baliff Letter 24hrs notice of plan to carry out warrant unless pay in full.

    Late yesterday afternoon I received a letter from a county court baliff from a near by county court.
    The letter says it's regarding a debt I apparently owe to Lowell portfolio Ltd.
    I do not know who Lowell is and don't know what the debt is for.
    I have never received any communication from them before now, this is the first letter I have received.
    I'm shocked to see they have taken me to court and got a CCJ and now have a Warrant to remove my goods if I do not pay within 24hrs.

    The letter says Lowell Portfolio Ltd Vs then my name. It then has warrant number and then says this is a final notice and I have to pay £285.25 with in 24hrs of they will have not choice but to execute warrant and come to my house to remove goods.

    I'm now terrified they are going to turn up at my house today,( I've locked front door and made sure windows are all shut) I'm sick, I suffer from a long term medical condition that leaves me bed bound most of the time. I also have 4 young children with special needs and medical conditions that I have to care for.

    I want to just pay it as I'm too unwell to be dealing with this and don't need the added stress, but don't have the money to pay it in full until next Thursday. I could make a small payment today. I have no family or friends I could ask to borrow money either.

    But even if did have money they do not state any where on letter how to pay. It just says I have to pay the court within 24hrs.

    Does this mean I have to go to court in person so pay. If so I'm not well enough, I can hardly stand up to walk down stairs let alone walk to bus stop get on a bus for a 1 1/2 hour journey then walk to court then Do the same coming back.

    I don't have a car and can't drive any way due to medical reasons.
    My husband is away working and won't be back until next week.

    What should I do? All I have is a landline and a mobile number for court bailiff and address of court.

    I prefer doing things in writing so I have a paper trail so I'm not keen to phone baliff, also I currently don't have a phone. Bt have just disconnected my landline as they have moved me over to digital voice but cant use digital voice as my current phone won't work with it. Also don't get a very good mobile signal where I live. Cuts out continually. So difficult to ring.

    Do you think it would be ok to text the baliff to explain situation or should I write a letter to the court. Or I see Lowell portfolio Ltd have a website would it be worth me emailing Lowell directly.

    Any advice on what I should do would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Sorry forgot to say letter was recieved by post it was not hand delivered. Just thought I should mention that incase it's important


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      Hi FINNBUNNY154

      First think is not to worry.

      What you need to do is inform the bailiff that you are a 'vulnerable person', in that you have health conditions / young child / unemployed.

      You can be vulnerable in lots of different situations, for example if:
      • you’re disabled
      • you’re seriously ill
      • you have mental health problems
      • you have children or are pregnant - especially if you’re a single parent
      • your age makes it hard for you to deal with bailiffs - usually if you’re under 18 or over 65
      • you don’t speak or read English well
      You can also be classed as vulnerable if you’ve been through recent stressful or emotional circumstances. For example becoming unemployed, being a victim of crime, or having someone close to you die.


      Amend / Email the following template to the Lowell's, the bailiffs etc. (You can deal with the CCJ later as you weren't aware of the debt / CCJ.)


      You should also text the following to the bailiff, the Reference number on the letter and the following

      'I believe that I am in a ‘vulnerable situation’ according to 'Taking Control of Goods: National Standards'.
      Also add that if he ignores that, 'you will lodge a formal complaint against him'


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