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Outrageous fine from TfL and visit from bailiffs for PCN

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  • Outrageous fine from TfL and visit from bailiffs for PCN

    Hi there,

    I could really do with some help from anyone who has knowledge or experience of PCN's and bailiffs.

    Bailiffs turned up on my road today to try and tow my car for an unpaid PCN for driving in the Congestion Zone and not paying a fine, they didn't know I lived there but their car had picked up my reg on the NPR cameras and there was a warrant for my car.

    The bailiffs explained the situation and that I had an outstanding PCN from driving in the congestion zone. All the letters from TfL had gone to an old address and I was completely unaware of the situation. I explained I had autopay set up with TfL for the congestion zone but obviously at this point the bailiffs don't care, they're just there to do their job. Now, I take ownership for not updating my address with the DVLA, however being fined for 660 is just incredibly unfair during a pandemic, especially when I didn't know about the fine and also TfL and the bailiff both had my mobile number! The bailiff said they tried calling me, however I had no missed calls or VM's. I also have autopay set up to pay the congestion charge, after some calls with TfL today it, they cannot find my account anywhere and one of their staff seems to think it gets "cancelled" if you don't pay a PCN after 5 days??

    Anyway, I paid the 660 with the bailiffs as they were quite threatening and told me I would be able to appeal this with the Traffic Enforcement Centre. I've been on hold to them for 3 hours and can't get through, I'm also not sure from their website which form to fill in to contest my fine or if I am even able to revoke it now I have paid it! I am now starting the think it would have been more sensible to let the bailiffs take the car and not pay them so I could contest with TfL and make an appeal.

    Please if there is someone out there with knowledge of the system and who could advise I would be extremely grateful. I've already put myself in debt paying the 660 today and really don't know what I'm going to do.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Why did you start 3 threads?


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      Originally posted by ostell View Post
      Why did you start 3 threads?
      Hey there, I didn't mean to post 3 times!


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