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Bailiff for a on going PPI problem

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  • Bailiff for a on going PPI problem

    Please help
    I got a PPI claim from claim4you which I received 1856.84 they said I would pay them a fee of 30 per cent but sent me a bill for 980 which I questioned and on working out I said I would pay 30 per cent which was 557.05 which they declined and said they would get back to me about going forward I heard nothing till 2 days ago when I returned home to a letter from DCBL saying they were working on behalf of claim4you and as bailiffs would gain entry to my property to seize goods for the amount of 2006.84 which is the amount for the debt and the 900plus admin and enforcement fee ... it has a high court ref number on but I can't get hold of the court but how has it gone and been past in court with out me being present please can someone explain what I can do because if someone turns up to kick my door open I don't know what I can do
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    This will be a CCJ that has been transferred to the High Court solely for enforcement purposes. Have you moved since starting the PPI claim? Have you asked the claims co for details of the CCJ - you may need to check Registry Trust as well but I would start with the claim co first.


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      I can't get in touch with claim4you ..... I was advised to go to court and fill a n244 form out paid 255 pound when I asked for help filling the form in I was told no help would be given so 4 days later I got a letter saying judge wouldn't look at it as no evidence of defence given so now I'm being told to pay the 255 to the court and fill the form in again ......
      basically I tried to pay them over a year ago and they wouldnt accept I've spoke to different courts, debt charity's I've even tried citizens advice but every where I turn I'm told something different and NOBODY is interested In how this all started and shouldn't have got to this stage ...... The easiest option should not be to give in and pay ... It's wrong and it's certainly not justice


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        Set Aside application is the N244 - Set Aside Application

        Otherwise, it would be the N245 to make an offer to pay.

        But more importantly - what's happening with the HCEO at the moment ?

        Claim4you charge 30% plus VAT so the original fee should have been about 667.

        Did Claim4you not give any breakdown of the amount in their court claim - or did you not receive the original court papers ? Had you moved house since first signing up with them ?

        Claim4you are going through an insolvency voluntary arrangement at the moment so are quite actively chasing debts. But might explain why you can't get hold of anyone. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/c...135/insolvency
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