good afternoon readers ,i had a bankruptcy in 2007 which was completely discharged in January 2008 ,a quick affair as there was not much work to do to complete the discharge . i have spent eleven years re building a very healthy credit history by being very carful ,on the beginning of this year i submitted some details of historic bank accounts and cards to a ppi company whom looked into the accounts and found Barclays had a case to answer ,this week i receive a letter telling me i have a decision in my favour on two products which where sold to me before the bankruptcy and there were two sensible financial settlements however also in the letter they informed me that both amounts were going to be sent to my then official reciever whom has ceased to be now. i called the local office of official receivers and the lady wasn't very helpful and agreed it would go to them , i have had varied accounts of the legitimacy of this which has left me in a bit of a confused opinion ,if my bankruptcy was discharged on 18th January 2008 and the product was marketed at me from 2002 onward surely this has to be owed to me as the customer (without bankruptcy or debt issues at the time) ?.
can i fight this decision by Barclays or not ?
i am sick and unable to work and care for two children at the moment and this money which was fraudulently obtained from my income at the time wold come in very useful .