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Barclays/Zedra will

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  • Barclays/Zedra will

    Hi All
    Hoping someone can advise. My mother passed away mid May. She was 60. She made a will many years ago with me and Barclays as co executors. Since then, Zedra has taken over from Barclays. My mothers affairs are very straightforward. She had a bank account with around 3 thousand in and house worth around 80,000. I contacted Zedra within days of the death and since then they have confirmed with land registry that she owns the property and found the original will. They have since been in contact to ask for funeral invoices, utility companies, NI number etc. I used the tellusonce government service and have informed all the utility companies etc all ready. So I suppose what I'm getting at is this;
    - Can I ask them to renounce executorship? I really don't need them as we can work out what's what....
    - Will I be in trouble for sorting out the majority of the estate without them?
    - What do they actually get from us as co executors? Is it basically the money per hour of work done for us.....

    Sorry that's very long........!!!
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    You can ask them to renounce, but I doubt they will agree as they will want their money!
    As co executor you had a duty to protect the estate, and do all that you have done.
    These are tasks that are carried out within days of the deceased passing and before probate is granted
    So they have no grounds for complaint


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      Thankyou so much for your response DES8. I did send an email yesterday asking that they renounce. My email was in response to a number of questions regarding my mothers utility bills, funeral costs, bank accounts......I have simply responded that all of these things have been sorted. And I have expressed my disappointment in them for not presenting their "renouncing" as an option to me! They gave me the option of renouncing which amazes me now I have looked into it!
      They have left me for weeks and weeks and to be honest I had no idea what I was waiting for.....they came back and told me they'd checked with land registry and the house belonged to my mother. I could have found that out for goodness sake!

      Is the money they "earn" based solely on the time they spend? If it is, there isn't much to earn as it's all done practically. I don't need them and feel that without them I could get a grant of probate and move on much quicker......


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        Somewhere there should be some small print that will detail the charges that the "executor" can make, probably somethihg in the region of 1500 administration charge plus a %age of the estate value.

        It was a ploy used by the banks some years ago to offer to write wills at a cheap rate, but reserve to themselves executorship.
        This enables them to charge exorbitantly.
        You might be able to negotiate reduced charges as you have done much of the work already, but don't "bank" on it!


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          Thanks again DES8. Horrible to have all this to sort out as well! Me and my brother are the only beneficiaries of the will and we get on perfectly so everything is so straightforward if it wasn't for these people! Can't help but think of them as rip off artists although we all make our money somewhere! Especially as they're not as forthcoming as they could be.......


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            Hi All

            Just wanted to update you on my situation. I have just taken a phone call from Zedra. They are going to renounce their appointment!
            Now I can apply for a grant of probate and move on with matters for my brother and I much quicker.

            So thankyou for your confirmation that I was in the right


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