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MET parking ticket Stansted McDonalds

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    it is best to post this with proof of postage or email?


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      First class post with free certificate of posting from post office


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        thanks will get him to do that tomorrow.


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          My son just received this reply via email to the suggested letter. Where do we stand now?
          Dear ,
          We write in response to your correspondence received in our office dated 16/11/2023.
          We now respond to the same as follows.
          Please note that our Client does not comply with the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 Schedule 4 on this file and so any dispute regarding this bares no relevance. Our Client is British Parking Association (BPA) approved and all notices were sent in line with the BPA guidelines.
          In order to identify the Registered Keeper of the vehicle, our client submitted a request for details to the DVLA. Your details were provided and thereafter notices were sent to you by our Client at your serviceable address. Those notices asked you to either make payment or, if you were not driving, nominate a driver by providing their name and full address. You did neither and as such you are now pursued on the basis that you were driving. On the balance of probabilities, if you were not the driver, you would have nominated.
          Pursuing a legally owed debt is not harassment. You may wish to seek independent legal advice in this regard. Our client pursuing this matter through the Small Claims Court is the correct course of action.
          You now have 30 days from the date of this email to make payment of 170.00. Failure to make payment will result in a Claim being issued against you without any further reference.
          Payment can be made via bank transfer to our designated client account: -
          • Account Name: DCB Legal Ltd Client Account
          • Sort Code: 20-24-09
          • Account Number: 60964441
          You must quote the correct case reference (119720.16057D) when making payment. If you do not, we may be unable to correctly allocate the payment. If further action is taken by us as a result of an incorrect reference being quoted, you will be liable for any further fees or costs incurred.
          We would ask that you kindly furnish us with your most up to date telephone number, this can be emailed to us at info@dcblegal.co.uk.
          Alternatively, you can contact DCB Legal Ltd on 0203 838 7038 to make payment over the telephone or online at https://dcblegal.co.uk/response/pay-online/.
          Kind Regards,
          Alex Keogh
          Junior Paralegal
          DCB Legal Ltd
          Tel: 0203 434 0433 | DX 23457 Runcorn


          • #20
            Where do we stand?
            There are choices to be made:
            1)pay up
            2)try and negotiate a lower settlement
            3) fight it in court

            "On the balance of probabilities, if you were not the driver, you would have nominated."

            Doesn't make sense.
            If I was not the driver I would not identify the driver.
            The PCN is not compliant with PoFA 2012, so MET cannot hold either the keeper or the driver liable for the charge.
            Why would I nominate anyone as driver?

            Also the notice invites the registered keeper to pay the charge; it does not suggest the reg.keeper should pay as driver.

            Balance of probabilities argument can be shot down (especially if there are other drivers and according to the PCN there were occupantS so which one was driving (perhaps illegally even), but small claims track is a bit of a lottery

            Also of course they haven't stated how long the vehicle was parked,

            At the moment there is no legally proven debt, only an alleged debt so to pursue it while it is being disputed could be classed as harassment


            • #21
              Thanks for the feedback.

              Anyone else been taken this far by these guys.

              how should we reply?


              • #22
                It is up to your son to decide how to respond, if at all!
                People differ.. some would dispute the claim, others would pay to avoid the stress and inconvenience of a court appearance.

                I would write to them, deny that I was the driver and able to prove it.
                I would add that I have no intention of naming the driver, and they cannot hold me liable as registered keeper as they have not complied with
                PoFA 2012.
                If they decide to initiate a court claim this correspondence will be brought to the court's attention as proof of unreasonable behaviour when claiming my costs.

                But that is me, and I cannot say if it is the correct way forward for your son


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