I am desperate for some advice. Iíve received a County Court Claim form from DrydensFairfax for outstanding student loans from 1996 totalling just over £1,300 plus fees taking the claim up to £1,500.

I have sent my forms off to the court admitting the debt and offering to pay it off at £5 per month, which is all I can afford. I submitted an income and expenditure form to detail my financial situation. However, Iím now regretting doing this as Iíve just re-read the forms and seen that I should have sent them to Drydens rather than the court as doing so will automatically result in a CCJ.

Other than paying the £1,500 in full, which I canít as I donít have that kind of money, is there any way I can avoid a CCJ? Are they likely to go ahead with the judgement? If I manage to speak to Drydens (I have called and never been able to get through) will they accept a payment plan without a CCJ?

I really need to not have a CCJ on my credit file over the coming years.

Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks