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RLP Primark Shoplifting

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  • RLP Primark Shoplifting


    So I made one of the worst decisions iíve ever made today and stole clothes from Primark. I donít have a lot of money and recently started a new job that I have nothing to wear to. It really is no excuse and it was a moment of madness that Iím now scared will jeopardise my future and my career.

    The clothes I took had a total value of just over £50, and when I was stopped by the security guard and taken into a room I admitted what I had done immediately. All the items were given back in a resalable condition. There were two police men in the room as well as the security guard. I couldnít stop shaking and crying and explained that I have no criminal record or have never done anything like this before.

    The police told me that they were not going to press charges or report the incident on their side as it was clear I was very remorseful. However, I was given a letter from the security guard with ĎRLPí on it and told I would have to pay a fine and I was banned from Primark stores.

    After reading threads on here I have seen that everyone has advised to ignore letters that I will subsequently receive from RLP.

    The only thing that I want to check is, if I do ignore the letters, am I at risk of them telling the police that were there? I also am going into a job that requires detailed DBS checks and I am worried that this incident with appear on them?

    I have definitely learnt my lesson from this and will never ever do something this stupid again. I guess Iím just looking for some reassurance or something as Iím freaking out right now and canít stop thinking about it.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    If the police took no action at the time (must have been close to luch break) then they will not be interested in taking action later. RLP cannot issue fines, they have no authority, just as they have no authority to tell the police what to do. Continue to ignore.


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      So itís been over two months now and I still have not received any letters from RLP. Is it possible that I might not receive any at all?


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        Anything is possible
        Perhaps your paperwork was overlooked or was lost or the shop couldn't be bothered ​​​​​​​


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