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Parking Eye

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  • Parking Eye

    I recently received a PCN from Parking eye. The first letter I got was after Christmas, dated 25th December and referring to a previous letter from the 10th of December. However, the date of “offence” was 31/10/18. I’m not sure if previous letters had been sent prior to 10/12/18. Now I don’t even know what my offence is, but I remembered paying at the place I parked. I moved home but got the letter through redirection. Then I received another letter today, addressed to my new place, they claimed they got it from a reference agency which I doubt as I have not had time to change most things to my new address, so I believe it was fraudulently obtained.
    Back to the story line, the letter received today reduced the payment again back to £60. It came with another letter perhaps had been sent in the past. I have receipt of payment and do not have true knowledge of my offence. I am suspecting over stay, but not sure for how long. Will post letters.
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    This was the first letter received as stated in text above. It came with what seems like a means Form.
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      This is the back page of above letter
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        Then the letter received today, the one with the note has the new address whilst the other one which has picture of car has the old address, they bothe came in one envelope. Will upload back and front pages.
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          I know it’s a lot of information, was trying to give as much clarity as I can. I will appreciate any help I can get about this. Thank you


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            So have you moved house and forgot to tell the DVLA that you moved?


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              I have not gotten round to it. It is rather recent.


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                ostell please can I use the POFA rules for these guys as well. It seems people find it hard to deal with Parking Eye


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                  Yes you can use POFA rules but you will find that PE usually get them right. When they don't get it right the POFA statement doesn't appear on the back.

                  So ask PE for a copy of the original NTK they allege to have sent.


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