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Debt with a friend who just passed away, no help from acting "next of kin".

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  • Debt with a friend who just passed away, no help from acting "next of kin".

    Hi All.

    Please help me. I lent a friend £1000 two weeks ago and he passed away a week ago.

    He has not left a will and his wife's sister (his wife passed away two years ago) is acting as next of kin for now (or at least until she realises she is not in the will as there is not one). She is ignoring me and the fact that he owed me £1000.

    I have proof that he asked for the money via text and it was made via bank transfer, luckily, so have proof of that too.

    The question I have is how do I make a claim on his estate (his house when sold) to get my £1000 back.

    If it was £50, I would just drop it, but am a single parent and really could do with it back.....

    Thank you in advance for some guidance in this difficult and sad time.

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    So a letter addressed to the executor of xxxxxx stating that the deceased was indebted to you to the sum of xxxxx

    just to mark your position


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      The acting next of kin is not contacting me even though another one of his friends has asked her to twice. He won't even give me her number, not that I think that would help. Is it possible for there not to be an executor at all?

      I do not think it is because she is grief stricken, because she won't care at all when she finds out there is no will. She is not a blood relative and is a bitter person anyway.

      I can not even get her number to call her on, even though she would not be obliged to call me back still.

      I live in England by the way and the acting next of kin has not gone back to Scotland after a two day rummage of my friends house.


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        Sorry, I mean she has gone back to Scotland….


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          UPDATE. I have just spoken to the landlady of the local pub and it seems that the lady who is acting as next of kin, is trying to get her daughter to receive his property. This is almost impossible due to there being no will. The publican suggested that I send a letter recorded delivery and another but normal post declaring my position. I am still worried that both the letters will just get thrown in the bin?

          Is there any where else that I could get in touch with to record my claim that might be able to do this?

          Thanks in advance......


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