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Inheritance dispute money and rent owed

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  • Inheritance dispute money and rent owed

    Hi there, anyone would know the answers or insight to the following three questions?
    Receiving family inheritance, with the solicitors now and got as far as getting ready to send probate and my sister does not agree with on the debt that I calculated is due to be repaid to me 14,000 which I have given evidence in the form of Paypal legal proof to the solicitors which they have accepted.
    Second point my sister is refusing to pay me monthly rent from July 2020 when our mother passed away for the house she is occupying that will be 50% mine as written in my mother's will once probate is done, also solicitors told me they are not going to deal with this part as they deal only in sharing the inheritance between my sister and myself, I tell solicitors rent my sister owes me IS part of the inheritance and they should deal with it just like everything else.
    Third point I don't like the way these solicitors are working or acting, I never asked for their services or signed any contract with them as I was living in France when my sister and my mother's partner took the services of these solicitors in the UK without asking for my opinion or informing me, do I have to pay these solicitors fees even if I never signed anything with them and they at present dropped the case until my sister and myself come to an agreement or until I take on another solicitor to defend my case, which I am considering if it is economically worth it, since I am trying to get 20,000 which is mine as my sister is trying not to pay me.

    Many thanks to anyone who can shed some information, Richard
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    Were the solicitors appointed executors under the will?

    As you did not appoint them, they will not deal with you in any meaningful manner as you are not their client.

    The house is not yet yours, so you are not entitled to any rent.
    Whether or not the estate can collect rent from your sister will depend on the wording of the will.

    If you intend to employ solicitors e prepared for enormous expense.
    Contentious litigation can cost many tens of thousands of pounds.
    So first have a single fixed fee consultation to see what your options are.


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