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Advice on life insurance/pension inheritance

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  • Advice on life insurance/pension inheritance

    Hi there,

    Iím looking for some advice really..

    My dad passed away recently and itís come to light that he had serveral life Insurance policies and a pension.

    My mum and dad divorced around 10 years ago, and I think she signed the bit of the form (?) to say she wouldnít go after his pension when it came to it.

    Dad moved to Hong Kong and met an indanesian lady

    He moved back the the UK three years ago primarily because of his health. He went back to Hong Kong two years ago to get married to his partner, with the intention of getting her a visa to move to the UK. Unfortunately this never happened in time. There is a significant language barrier.

    My dad wasnít very good with money or keeping jobs so he got himself in a bit of debt.

    Basically my sister and I are now going though everything and letting companies know heís passed, and have stumbled upon these bits of life Insurance and pensions. He left no will and there is no beneficiary stated on any of the policys.

    We think we know that answer is that his Indonesian wife is therefore entitled to everything?

    Is this the case? Has anyone got any advise on how to navigate this situation. My sister and I have never received any financial help from my dad, if anything itís been the other way around. We loved him a lot even after some very tough times, and we both feel awful for feeling the way we do but itís painful to know anything that he has left will disappear abroad.

    Thank you for any help in advance x

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    wife should entitled by marriage contract as 1st., no will? then problems probate? sure somebody will advise hopefully they know the international rules in this case, i take it your Step mother was a contract worker from Indonesia?? is the marriage certificate.contract on file here in UK?


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      Who can inherit if there is no will Ė the rules of intestacy ...


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        Are you in contact with your step mother?


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          As for saying everything going abroad is harsh as a marriage took place and she is his wife.

          ​​​​​​The surviving spouse has the right to receive Letters of Administration, which means that ahead of all other family members, he/she has the right to serve as the Administrator when someone dies intestate. The spouse has this right in addition to any inheritance the spouse gets under the laws of intestacy.


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            If you think you and your sibling believe you should receive a legacy, you may be able to make a claim under the Inheritance(Provision for family and dependants) Act 1975
            However I would recommend you seek professional advice if you intend to proceed with a claim


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