So things are taking a nastier turn in my issues with the executor of my mumís will.
He has now stated that he will release some of my inheritance money only if I accept liability from the DWP if there is anything to pay above what there is remaining of my inheritance.
and also he wants me to agree to have a second funeral for my mum in her home country as per the wishes in her will.

First of all, he is not a solicitor, he is a so called family friend. Basically he is the son of the man my mum was in love with for many years. Nothing ever happened between them, he didnít want to move in with her & she didnít want to move in with him and they lived in different countries. She would visit him near enough every single year at his place.
Yes it does stipulate in her will that she would like to be buried with her parents but my cousins ( these are also their grandparents) have said that the stone is man made, over 40 yrs old & if it breaks then who is liable? They have said they donít want this to happen & of course neither do I!
i want to honour my mum & take some of her ashes to her home country to be scattered there & to have some of her ashes made as a ring but he is not taking anything on board & so it seems is now trying to blackmail me to agree to have it his way?

Can I do anything about this?