Evening Beagles,

but of an odd one, but I am hoping that someone can advise me on what to do.

Today, my wife and her siblings had a call with their father and his account who is helping put his finances in order. He is quite unwell and wanted to make sure everything was sorted before he passes away.

Unknown to him, he may only have a couple of years left to live. During the meeting, the accountant said very abruptly and directly "with XX only having around 2 years left to live, we really need this sorting". This was obviously deeply upsetting for the children in the call, but even more upsetting for my father in law who was completely unaware of these timescales!! The accountant was asked not to share this information as the children wanted to talk their father through the prognosis and now they have had this opportunity taken from them.

My father in law was devastated by the news, understandably.

Do the family have any recourse? Should they seek legal advice or is this just a very unfortune event that needs to be forgotten?

Hope you can help!