Hi, i have a partner who is entitled to part of her deceased father's inheritance ( that was left interstate no will ) but doesn't have him on her birth certificate. No one in her family is contesting her and are all willing to verify who she is.

​However, her half brother is apparently "slightly contesting her" ( according to the administrators ) even when he was told by his late father's brothers who she is. So a solicitor has told her to have her mother verify who she is along with her dad's brother via "statements of truth" ( alternate Identity documentation ).

She was told that this is something that can be done by herself and doesn't require a Solicitor, so does anyone know if this is possible/enough for her to be placed on the beneficiaries list?

Does anyone know if there's an "Identity document" verifying who she is in relation to her late father, that can be used instead of her birth certificate and DNA?

( DNA is an option but her solicitor feels she doesn't need to go that far)