My mother recently died and left a Scottish Will and an earlier Australian Will. I have been told that the Australian Will has been revoked because of the later Scottish Will. Possibly inadvertently.

The Australian Will referred to "All non-UK Assets", and they were supposed to be left to me, but this will now not happen.

The UK Will leaves everything to my Step Mother but it states the following " estate, my whole means and estate heritable and moveable,real and personal of what kind soever and situated in the United Kingdom which shall belong to me at the time of my death including all means and estate of which I may then have power or disposal or appointment".
- I assume this is a standard clause ?
- Does it only cover UK Assets ???? does the "including all means and estate" cover Australian Assets ? Doesn't read like it does to me.
- If the UK will only covers UK Assets, how are the Australian Assets dealt with ?


Jon (Digger)