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How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

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  • How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

    Taken from http://www.debtquestions.co.uk/debt_...pic.php?t=4556

    1. Telephone BT on 150 and tell them you wish to change your number to a new Ex-directory number because you are receiving unwanted calls. They will change your number for free once under their terms and conditions. Tell them to make the number Ex-directory and "PERMANENTLY WITHHELD" Caller ID .

    2. When you get the new number GIVE IT TO NOBODY except family/mates that you can trust and you want to call you.

    3. DO NOT give the new number out to "Consumer Surveys" - "Competitions" - even to the Lottery / Tescos Clubcard or the BBC / TV Licencing. They all pass it back to experian and co. When you are in a shop and they ask for your phone number for a Warranty say "It's Ex-Directory" - they don't need to know it. If the product breaks down then you will phone them! You have the receipt!

    4. DO NOT give your new number to neighbours. They will be the MOST likely candidates to be CONNED by DCA's into releasing your number to them.

    5. If you feel the need to give a phone number on a website then give a PAYG mobile or the OLD number you had - this will be idle for a year anyway.

    6. Register the new number straight away with TPS.

    Keep your private information to yourself. Ask yourself "Why do they need to know that?" if you are in a shop and not trying to obtain credit. They have NO RIGHT to your private info.

    Take control of your privacy. DCA's have no right to harrass. They can write and you can write back. Simple.

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    Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

    PKea..Great advice..Thanks


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      Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

      Great advise prom PKea as we've come to expect! :legalbeagles: :beagle:

      Here's some letters I knocked up a while back on the telephone harassment subject...

      The company in question stopped calling the day after they got them! msl:

      Regards, Dave.


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        Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

        I send a letter, with the following added in for good measure. it's worked every time.

        I DO NOT give you permission to contact me by telephone, and request that my telephone number is removed from your records immediately.

        I would also like to make you aware of The Office of Fair Trading Code of Guidance in which it states: putting pressure on debtors or third parties is considered to be oppressive. This includes: Ignoring disputes about whether money is owed and refusing to freeze action if the debt is in dispute. I have included copies of the Guidance for your information, with the relevant items highlighted for ease of reference.

        Is no longer here


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          Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

          Make sure that a log is kept of all calls as well. If you do send a letter and it is not actioned upon then you will need copies of any correspondence with the said company, the log of numbers, name of company and time. You will need this if you wish to complain about it to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


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            Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

            I have no debts, but have been receiving calls from HBOS, (Albion Collections, Blair, Oliver and Scott) about a debt of, I presume, someone with the same name. I have contacted OFCOM, OFT, TPS, ICO. None of these organisations was able to help me. As I am not a customer, The Financial Ombudsman's office thought they couldn't help me. I insructed a solicitor to write to HBOS and received an assurance form them that they would remove my number from their system. Now I am receiving calls form "Preston". No company name given. Does anyone recognise 0845 146 0185? How do I stop these calls?


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              Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

              Welcome to Legal Beagles Hazel.

              I've checked the telephone Number and it belongs to IQOR who collect for Halifax.

              It looks as if having removed your number from their system they've now passed it on to IQOR to collect.

              Adapt the Telephone Harrassment letter (link below) to include that you do not acknowledge any debt and send it to IQOR at the following address:

              33-34 Winckley Square,
              PR1 3JJ.

              Telephone Harrassment Letter

              Any other calls from unknown numbers can be checked by using the following website.

              Who calls me



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                Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

                The best way to deal with DCA is, when they ask you for your details subject to the Data protection act, tell them you are not prpared to give your details to a stranger that askes for them, if you do, tell them you are not on the phone and put it down.
                If they phone again, say yes I will get the person they asked for, put the phone on the side and continue to watch telly for 3 hours.
                If they phone again and ask for Mr/Mrs bla bla, say yes this is them, but sorry we are not on the phone, and replace the reciever.
                If you are in the mood for some fun, confirm your details, and answer "Kermit the frog" to every question they ask.
                If they phone again, confirn your details and read then the Britananica encyclopedia from front to back cover.
                If the persistant beggers phone again confirm you details but tell them the postal town is incorrect, and give them an address in Mogadishu.
                If they phone again, tell them you are not prepared to discuss terms over the phone, and give them an address in Canada
                Works for me.


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                  Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

                  hi has any one heard of crystal debt management, they keep phoning me


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                    Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

                    Originally posted by unfoundfuture View Post
                    hi has any one heard of crystal debt management, they keep phoning me
                    Yep. Crystal Debt Advisory - Legal Beagles


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                      Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

                      Not 'going through security' is one option yes, but another is to go for the Truecall device, which you can get on Amazon. That's another option, but may prove a little pricey for some.

                      However, in any and all calls, I would recommend googling whichever telephone number has been used and checking out any whocallsme.com comments.

                      For the benefit of those who don't know, whocallsme is a very good way of ascertaining who companies are and what they're like to deal with - all from a general public opinion point of view.


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                        Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

                        Who called me? Free reverse phone directory.

                        Great site

                        Any support I provide is offered without liability, if you are unsure please seek professional legal guidance.

                        Received a Court Claim? Read >>>>> First Steps


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                          Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

                          I found it useful (and amusing) to turn all there questions back on them
                          Whenthey ask for Mr or mrs so and so ask who you are speaking with
                          where they live, whats their post code, phone number, inside leg measurement etc
                          They gave up before I did and when I told them all calls were being recorded how starnage no more calls:tinysmile_hmm_t2:


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                            Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

                            Originally posted by Amethyst View Post
                            I used this site today, after constant phone calls from 08000287281.
                            The complaints were endless :tinysmile_aha_t:


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                              Re: How to stop Debt Collection Phone Calls

                              Just tell them that no decisions will be made over the phone so everything must be put in writing then end the call.

                              If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of payments.



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