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Virgin Media Property Damage

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  • Virgin Media Property Damage

    Now then……

    had Virgin Media broadband installed in December last year. The pre-installation engineers came unannounced and laid there cable directly on top of my patio flags and proceeded to do the worst concealing or bedding in I’ve ever seen in 20 years of working in construction.

    i wasn’t home at the time but saw on my ring door bell they were here, so I rushed home to tell them where I wanted the cable going. I’d left a Chanel for them on around the perimeter of my patio area which is the entire area of my front garden as I didn’t want it laying on top which can be easily damaged but I was too late the damage was already done! I had by 2 year old at the time throwing a paddy so I told them to finish but they will have to come back to remove and redo the monstrosity they left and the sheer cheek of the engineer offered me his trowel and said if you can do a better job there you go……… Now bear in mine I’m a joiner and laid the patio he had just butchered to him to basically shove it my toddler can do better than that he isn’t even using the right tools for the job he’s trying to do and that when my son calms down I’ll be straight on the phone to your bosses to get someone back out to clean up your mess and relay it all

    So that happened about a month later and to be fair they did an ok job in hiding the cable but they couldn’t clean up the left over concrete from the previous people

    Ive sent countless emails to god knows who and this has escalated to there legal team but I feel like I’m being given the run around but unfortunately because of the way the engineer spoke to me I’ll fight this to my grave.

    I’ve told them about coatings, cost to repair or replace etc

    ive even had a cleaning company come in at the cost of £500+

    now my question is can I hire a debt collector to collect?
    Has anyone ever reclaimed any costs back from this dreadful company?

    what additional cost can I charge them for my ‘pain and suffering’ and constant messing about

    thanks in advance
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    You have several options,

    a) You could ask them to provide you with a final response./ deadlock letter, then make a complaint to the Services Ombudsman if you still aren't happy and the matter isn't resolved. See if they are members of any other ADR Scheme.

    b) You could take them to the small claims court, but you must follow pre-action protocols, letter before action, etc this might take more time. I think you need to concentrate on the damage caused, rather then how their people spoke to you (unfortunately Courts won't deal with compensation claims regards 'pain and suffering').


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      Do you know the identity of the contractor who did this botched job?
      Lawyer - retired from practice, now in academia. I do not advise by PM.


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        I’m not pursuing this just because of the way he spoke to me! it’s a principle thing cause of there shoddy and awful workmanship and do you really think I’m naive enough to think there would be compensation for an engineer talking to me like a child? No! I am not it’s an extra incentive for me to to get this resolved because the moron that ruined my sight line into my front garden to which cost me thousands!

        my question basically is what costs can I look at recovering ie

        Time off work to re-visit that shouldn’t of happened!
        cost of new concrete panel
        cost of labour to rectify there mistakes
        my costs for constant emails, stress and hassle of the state they’ve left there work in. Considering as they advertise that you won’t even know there cable is there etc!

        I put ‘pain and suffering’ in air quotes as to say is there anything that can be done to stick it to the man so to speak!

        Yes I know the company they used to do the works.


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          I asked that question as the contractor may be the correct defendant, or perhaps you should name both as defendants.

          If successful, you may recover damages in respect of the first 3 items in your list. As to the 4th, you will need to keep detailed records of time spent.
          Lawyer - retired from practice, now in academia. I do not advise by PM.


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            Letter before Action to their registered office.
            They have a habit (policy?) of ignoring this, so then issue claim through MCOL.
            When you win (by default possibly?) they pay up.

            Claim for ALL your costs ..... if you don't ask you don't get


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