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Smart meter install, gas failed to record. 2 months, how to resolve use?

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  • Smart meter install, gas failed to record. 2 months, how to resolve use?

    Dear All,

    1. Question.
    What would be a reasonable settlement for the gas used for 2 months while the new gas meter did not work?
    Client of ShellEnergy. {All calls were recorded}

    2. Background.
    New smart meters installed, Electricity and Gas was installed on 2022.12.30 Fri, this date will be D day.
    Once installed was told by engineer the display {In house display {IHD}, little tablet thing} will only start showing data in +- 2 days.
    It was new year with public holidays + weekend.

    +- 2023.01.04 Wed {D+5} The IHD started to work and showing electricity use, no gas use was shown.
    Walked to these smart meters realized the new gas meter is not recording any data. {difficulty since button clicks are required on new meters}

    2023.01.05 Thu 08H33 {D+6} Rang Shell, per recording informed them the gas meter is not working.
    => I was instructed to wait 2 weeks, they cannot create a request so soon after the install.
    => I thanked them for free gas, I insisted prefer to pay. I was told I must 2 weeks.

    2023.01.19 {D+20} Rang Shell for second time since I had to wait the 2 weeks.
    Shell request video and photos as proof. I sent this.
    I was informed the first available engineer will be 2023.02.23 {D+55}.
    Again thanked them for free gas but stressed I will not be willing to pay estimates as stated in my phone call dated 2023.01.04.
    They put me on hold to find engineer sooner. Not an option Shell said, it will be earliest date 2023.02.23.

    2023.02.23 D+55- Today, expect engineer onsite to replace broken new gas meter.

    Once this meter is replaced today, what do your recommend I do in terms of billing for the gas use for the 55 days?

    Thank you.

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    Brief update, hope this will help others.

    Till now it seems Shell billed me zero pounds for the gas use.
    Meter is replaced, will see in month of this remain the case.

    The install engineer stated: if the meter is broken the utility provider is not allowed to charge you for an estimate.


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      Good news! If there's no record, how on earth can they prove you used any gas at all?


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        Originally posted by Captain Haddock View Post
        Good news! If there's no record, how on earth can they prove you used any gas at all?
        I think they can refer to historic usage for the same/similar period.
        I guess any estimate is open to challenge, though.

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          The final outcome here was:
          For the duration of this newly installed gas meter not working:
          - I was only invoiced for the gas connection fee per day. Any home must pay this to be connected to the gas network.
          - I was not invoiced, paid zero for the gas use during this time.

          When the engineer came to replace the meter he could no understand why I complained for having free gas. He referenced cases where persons paid zero for use for years.

          My position is simple, I do not want anything for free, if I use it I want to pay for it.
          You become sick if start getting use to having things for free.

          Once this was solved the real battle for access to my smart meter data started.
          That for another a thread.

          {Short version DO NOT get smart meters, they all lie, the utility provider, The Data Communications Company, the Government . It matter not even if you use the policy from government with publication, page and paragraph, I still have no access to the data from the meters itself. They want you to not have access, at best pay a 3rd party for the data you own.}


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