We are having ongoing problems with our communal heat network, there are 10 barn conversions connected to a district heat network for our hot water & heating powered by 2 biomass boilers, we have a management company (actually the developer wearing a different hat, they are also our energy provider for heat) who are tasked to maintain & service the boilers and other communal areas, our heat agreement states that we cannot install any other form of heating so we are totally reliant on the heat network.
Some of the properties were purchased directly from the developer and others are resales, at each point of sale there was a question asked whether there were any ongoing issues and for each the management company stated no, despite the fact that there have been ongoing issues since installation in 2016. The company who installed the system did so incorrectly and have since gone bust, there has been a water leak on the system since commissioning and no effort has been made to locate and repair it despite being asked to do so many times. One of the boilers had a catastrophic failure, most likely due to corrosion, late 2021 and we are now reliant on a single boiler, the engineer who services the equipment has stated there is corrosion everywhere caused in the main by the water leak and the constant topping up of the system which washes out the protective agents used to prevent corrosion. We as residents are now being pushed to pay for a replacement boiler at a cost of at least 25,000 which will just be added to the already defunct system which was originally installed via the non domestic RHI scheme.
Do we have any recourse to get the management company/energy company to pay for the replacement boiler or at least contribute towards it?
Thank you in advance