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Npower~desperate for help with this corrupt company

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  • Npower~desperate for help with this corrupt company

    Hi all,

    I'm absolutely desperate for help with this company having just been through the Ombudsman for the 2nd time and been left in an increasingly vulnerable position with them (I'm a pensioner and disabled with mental health problems/PTSD).. I'll try to be brief in outlining my current problem with them and what brought me here.

    1) I saw this on another thread left by des8
    ICO SAR code of practice 20170609 Version 1.2

    "To avoid personal data about one individual being sent to another, either accidentally or as a result of deception, you need to be satisfied that you know the identity of the requester. You can ask for enough information to judge whether the person making the request is the individual to whom the personal data relates (or a person authorised to make a SAR on their behalf).
    The key point is that you must be reasonable about what you ask for. You should not request a lot more information if the identity of the person making the request is obvious to you. This is particularly the case when you have an ongoing relationship with the individual."

    In my latest complaint with them, which was spun out by them for over 6/12 (6th Sept 2018 to 15th April 2019, by which time I'd logged the complaint with the Ombudsman in desperation on the 11th April but, had failed to register it properly on the Ombudsman's system by following the link they sent me to 'activate'), I appointed one of my nephews to deal with them because I've not been able to deal directly with them for years. Between us we made 3 SAR requests, the latter 2 were made by nephew and, on the first and last occasions the SAR requests were made, they sent ME the third party form at my correct address, which they've been supplying me with since a few weeks after I was signed-up on the doorstep by a very slick salesman on 11/08/2006 (probably late Sept 2006 ~ about the 20th ~ they started supplying me); the 2nd occasion they overlooked/didn't respond at all; and the last occasion because, they'd tried to downgrade the complaint/close it by bringing in someone else who had tried to contact my nephew through me on my landline not once but, TWICE 10 days apart (I live in the NW, on Merseyside, my Nephew lives in London and has been dealing with the other person for 6 months by this time mainly over his mobile/smart phone as well as through a joint email address he set-up for us both to deal with this company ~ so they had his contact number) and because I emailed this npower woman and cc'd Ofgem and the Ombudsman into the email, they tried covering their backs by sending a final deadlock letter addressed to me but, at my nephews address in London.

    I'm sorry, if that sounds muddled and I will upload screenshots of the said documents (letters and part of the form) in a minute. It's very late and I need to go rest as I'm stressed out. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to screenshot the first page of the form yet but, it IS intended for a 3rd party, as the letter indicates, as it has at the bottom of the 1st page in a box and bold type "As you're making this request on behalf of another person, please provide a relevant Letter of Authority, Court Order, or evidence of Power of Attorney" Of course I was confused and perplexed by this the first time...totally thrown by it actually.

    This company does this deliberately: they are obstructive in the extreme; I've had problems with them from the start, with everything they've been fined for but, because my daughter (my only child) was killed in 2007 before the account was properly sorted due to what I've now found was mismanagement from the start (i.e. it was badly set-up to start with and I was being billed by both npower and my 2 previous suppliers ~ BG for Gas and Scottish Power Manweb for Electric ~ with npower assuring me they'd taken over the supply correctly and to only pay them), though I didn't start looking into it until about 2009 after I was alerted to a friend who'd gone to the Guardian over their sculpting practices/seasonal price fixing. By that time I'd already been put wrongly on their system when I signed-up for paperless billing when they first migrated everyone in 2007 and had also gone onto DD, which also wasn't set-up properly.

    Sorry will have to finish it there and continue it later.
    This is the closure letter from the first SAR request made on 06/09/2018 This is following the 3rd and last SAR request made by nephew and is the same as the first letter. Both sent to me at my correct address. This one sent on 16/04/2019 The 2nd page of the form which comes with the letter
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