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Yuill & Kyle/Lowell Portfolio/Lloyds TSB

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  • Yuill & Kyle/Lowell Portfolio/Lloyds TSB


    In July 2009 i wrote to Lloyds Tsb the standard CCA request letter by recorded delivery enclosing 1, on which i never received a reply, and I never received any further correspondence.

    On the 10th Feb i was served a summons for the small claims from Yuill & Kyle on behalf of the Lowell Group and a date was set for the beginning of April, i sent off a letter to Yuill and Kyle (again recorded delivery) on the 28th February informing them that the account was in dispute with the TSB since 2009 and requested that they send me true copy of the executed agreement and all information they have on file about me and true copies of default notices.

    Today i received a letter from Yuill & Kyle saying that it is their intention tom ask Court to sist the case on the date - meaning they are asking the court to place the court action on hold to allow time for their clients to investigate matters and contact the original creditors...Lloyd TSB.

    Do i attend court on the date given as normal?

    They also asked if i would confirm if i have any objections to the case being placed on hold??

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    Re: Yuill & Kyle/Lowell Portfolio/Lloyds TSB

    I would speak to the court beforehand and if the court haven't heard from Yuill then attend as normal.

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      Re: Yuill & Kyle/Lowell Portfolio/Lloyds TSB

      Okay thanks, I will give them a phone at the end of the month



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        Re: Yuill & Kyle/Lowell Portfolio/Lloyds TSB

        I have a personal interest in this law firm. Can the OP tell me what the outcome was in all of this?


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