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  • Temp Agency Worker

    This might sound trivial but please take it seriously. I was an exemplary worker for a temp agency in 2019 who sent me to the Royal Mail - you know they don't pay well yet I would turn up in a suit, rain or snow, sometimes 6 days a week, unpaid commuting, unpaid lunch break, solid hard work, no wasting time. The female boss at the Royal Mail was impressed that I treated her the same way many only treat a male boss, as a leader with authority. She had 1 terrible day 5 weeks in where she was bad tempered, criticising me for being 5 minutes late on an icy day (weeks later she was 5 hours late taking her son to A&E) and she went ballistic when I gave her a nasty grimace (I'm highly empathic and reflected her terrible anger back at her, so I can confirm her anger all day that day was such that she couldn't do her job properly with other staff avoiding her that day).

    Given that wealthy people protect every industry they're in (the banks got bailed out, the miners and fishermen didn't) maybe she should have made sure I felt encouraged to work there and tell other wealthy people to work for the Royal Mail? (The Queen on the stamps knighted my great-grandfather, George V on old stamps knighted my ancestor Sir Anthony Hope, I met Pope John Paul II, 3 Prime Ministers are connected to my family, I drove a Rolls-Royce to that job.)

    Given that diversity is a good thing, and her building is next to a cosmopolitan capital city, and none of her 50 workers are non-white British, perhaps she should have made sure non-white British me felt encouraged to work there and tell other non-white Britons to work for the Royal Mail?

    Given that most people don't respect female bosses the way they respect male bosses shouldn't she encourage workers who do treat female bosses the way they treat male bosses? The next time I get a female boss I would be inclined to think "is she on her period today and maybe I should tuck away whatever problem and hope no one notices"?

    Given that agencies don't have many staff who turn up in suits and work hard for low wages maybe she should avoid losing the agency a good member of staff - the agency might not risk good staff with her again.

    You might think 1 bad day is nothing to write about, but...there's more. Over the course of working there I "did an Adele" and looked a lot better thanks to losing weight
    with all that getting up early and working hard. The boss saw this change and reacted like "wow it's so great having attractive staff". I caught the eye of one lady whom I made wait a couple of weeks and eventually bought flowers for. She told her male colleague (who has a partner+kids) as if she wasn't after me first, who tried to scare me off her.

    There was a different lady there who was a supermodel and just think of all the men who didn't catch her attention....but my Rolls-Royce did (it took her weeks to see it). She went into pursue mode and eventually was angry I wasn't responding. So, I have 2 women after me but the flowers put the first one off me and the supermodel was freaked out by my wearing sunglasses indoors one winter's morning. My cunning plan was to try and keep in with the first one so I could keep in touch with supermodel so I offered the first one a lift home - but the first one saw an opportunity to get rid of me and probably told her male friend "he's up to his old tricks again" and he complained to the boss. Blissfully unaware I go to my agency on Monday morning to pick up an "employee of the month" award and my agency boss looks worried and then very relieved when he sees I bought him a present of some beers. I'm informed the Royal Mail boss doesn't want me anymore and says "he bought flowers for a girl who didn't sit next to him, didn't show any interest in him, I'm sure he didn't mean anything bad". My agency boss decided flowers girl is "a bitch". By chance a year later I saw flowers girl walking home in her work suit looking like she'd had the worst day ever so maybe her boss figured out she had been tricked by flowers girl and doesn't trust her any more! Anyway, it could have been a lot worse for me, and I doubt my agency does risk good staff with that Royal Mail boss, but I was probably downgraded a little bit at the agency, hard to say, my handler offered me a bank call centre job that didn't materialise.

    I am thinking of complaining to the Royal Mail top brass - any legal ramifications? I am also thinking of sending this to large Royal Mail facilities around the UK to help educate them about themes like how temp workers should be treated, the problems inherent with workplace romances etc - legal ramifications of this?

    Thanks in advance,

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    In my opinion rage707 every word of your (first and so far only) post is fiction and I don't believe a word of it. Take your timewasting fantasies somewhere else.
    All opinions expressed are based on my personal experience. I am not a lawyer and do not hold any legal qualifications.


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      Pallasathena as you're probably in Scotland let's meet up and I'll prove it's true. What legal ramifications are there for writing to temp agencies informing them this Royal Mail employer does not treat temp staff with respect?


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