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Suing Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

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  • Suing Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

    Few weeks ago, I was appointed as an advisor and lead consultant for a foreign Government.

    Looks like not everyone was happy about this appointment and for the last one week my life has been shredded to pieces. His house, passport, ID, phone numbers have been posted on Twitter by someone using fake user name though it has been verified by twitter..

    Moreover, this person has conducted a concerted campaign to tarnish my image by wrongly associating him with criminality. Preliminary observations indicate that this social media account is being used by more than one person and has more than 400k twitter followers. I should also point out again that the account has been verified by twitter.

    Question is, canI sue these platforms Twitter and Facebook (which owns Instagram and WhatsApp)?

    What will be grounds for my case?

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    old thread


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      Kind reminder: it is not safe to let someone else use your accounts only to check some information. I'm not MegaFamous, but I'm very attentive to whom and how do they access my accounts. Someone can steal your information or the accounts and use them for other purposes. If something like this happens, it will be harder to recover your accounts. Please be attentive. I didn't have problems like this, but some of my friends did share their passwords and access codes to different accounts and lost them. It's especially hard when you do it independently without checking to whom you are transferring the connection details.


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        A very unpleasant situation. You can sue not Twitter but the person who did it. But it still doesn't change that the data most likely leaked out because of your carelessness. In today's world, it's easy to steal someone's data because few people care about their security. Even if a person uses services to gain instant followers for instagram, there is nothing wrong with that. The main thing is to use only verified services that guarantee their services and do not require a password from the account.


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          Is this thread being left as a honeypot for spammers?


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            atticus you can always report spam posts to the mods via the triangle in the blue bar at bottom of the offending posts.
            I rarely bother


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              I do, thank you.


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