In April I saw on Facebook that you can claim online for uniform cost via a company who are called Tax Returned Limited TRL. I clicked on a few links and gave them my personal data. They sent me a letter to sign and a text message with a link to which I could sign. I refused to sign it and did it myself online via the HMRC.

In July I had a letter from HMRC stating you have a refund for 10 pound and it has been sent to TRL. I phoned HMRC up and they told me they had a signed document from myself to send the refund to TRL. I felt disgusted, violated and outraged. I retrieved the p87 from HRMC and it is a clear forgery with just my first name on.

They are a member of Trustpilot and there 'were' identical cases to mine on there. I say 'were' since I have started legal proceedings against them, and notified them that there were identical case to mine on there, they have reported those cases and have been able to stop them being viewed. Is there anyway I can use these cases and get the judge to see them?

I am proceeding into court with the fact they have broken Data Protection laws and they have caused me emotional distress. They deny forging my signature and have rejected my claim via mcol.

They are now threatening me with their legal fees. I don't know whether to proceed I have asked them for an offer and they only offered me the 10 pound back. Any advice would be really helpful?