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creating online casino in my name

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  • creating online casino in my name

    Hi all

    Was just wandering what to do and some helpful advise. I have just found out that my partner of 15 years who has suffered with gambling addiction most of their life, has created a online casino account in my name with a fake email and has lost over 9000 pound using my bank card details.

    Now he also suffers with severe mental health issues, and i don't really want to get him in trouble, but i also cant forgive them for loosing what was our children's inheritance.

    what should i do? what will the casino do? also what is likely to happen to them, as in how serious of a crime is it as im surely going to have the police involved

    thanks for any helpful advice
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    hi, sorry to hear of your problems.

    You might obtain more support and advice from one of the fora dealing with gambling problems e.g. https://www.gamcare.org.uk/get-support/


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        Ohh, buddy, I'm really sorry that you were in this situation. You have two options for solving this problem, firstly, you can contact the police and file a complaint with your partner, then I think this is a heartless act. Or you can try to return this money, thanks to the game in the casino. Given the fact that your account has lost a lot of money, the system will not consider it potentially dangerous and the likelihood that you will win in syndicate casino machine games online is much higher. Iím sure that if you play wisely and correctly distribute the bank, you can return the lost amount and even get a plus, so I advise you to try this method. Good luck and I hope that everything works out.
        Last edited by LeoCasta; 9th November 2019, 21:14:PM.


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          Sorry different view if you knew your partner had gambling addiction why did said partner have your banking details by giving banking details to credit account you breached bank policy; an email address is not enough to open credit account and if you are saying you gave or partner had access to your debit card or credit card banking onus on you.Otherwise we would all say partner had details but I said do not spend on line absurd sorry.If you are partner had details through fraud then case and raise with bank or credit card as possible fraud be aware your partner may have fraud markers in credit file which if you are fiscally associated with will affect you and could or may result in fraud charges for your partner or ex partner.Good luck n mind never give your account details or pin or 3 digit security code to anyone you do not concede payment as banking code etc. Mean it with good heart but bad decisions do not mean company should pay matters of heart are not a companies fault


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            I'm really sorry to hear that. Have you tried to ask for help there, in the casino service that you're using? I have bad luck and fortune doesn`t work for me as you had... I have tried to play roulette and slots in casino. I didn`t win nothing, so I now play just games there skill is needed. I am a great poker player and I win really often in poker, and I have a good income from it. I like playing on the best online casino bonuses. That is a great platform, with a lot of bonuses and new poker types. I play poker literally everyday and i like in. I like when i win and feel the victory, this is like a drug for me.
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              Why have these adverts for gambling not been removed?


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                Probably because it's Christmas and mods are feeling generous , or they haven't been reported


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                  That's an interesting topic


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