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Land Rover VT

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  • Land Rover VT

    Im having an absolute mare, im really hoping someone can help.

    I have VT'd lots of cars over the years and never had an issue, however for whatever reason I have sent the standard letter to Land Rover and they refused.

    Initially as there was no wet signature.

    I then followed this up with a second letter, again from the template, about the wet signature and they needed to collect the car.

    6 weeks has elapsed and the car is still here, they are still refusing to collect the car or cancel the agreement.

    Today I received a phone call where a lady told me my complaint had been rejected!!! The irony! I explained its not a complaint but a legal obligation. The contract has now ended and they need to collect the car. She refused and told me she would send a letter stating this to my email.
    I explained I worked for a national newspaper and its not cool how a major company is trying essentially con customers into signing paperwork they are not legally required to sign. I said I looked forward to showing the editor the email.

    The email didn't come.

    I did however receive a letter saying im behind on my payments!


    Can anyone help? Im not sure how to respond now or do I just go to the ombudsman! Annoying thing is we have another LR here on PCP, so that will be a whole load of fun when that has to go back in 2 years!!

    Thanks in advance, know its a lot from a newbie!
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    Hi Ashley_Kent

    Follow their complaints procedure, once you get a final response, if the matter hasn't been resolved make a complaint to the FOS. You could also consider writing a formal letter of complaint to the CEO of the company.


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      Thats all fine, but all the time they are smashing my credit file!!

      This shouldn't be allowed


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        Originally posted by Ashley_kent View Post
        Thats all fine, but all the time they are smashing my credit file!!

        This shouldn't be allowed
        Contact the Credit Agencies, they can add notes to your credit file.


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          Hi Ashley_Kent,

          I'm actually in the same boat as you except with Renault and they refused to accept my notice of VT unless I provided a wet signature saying I wanted to terminate. When I challenged, first it was for data protection reasons but when I called and passed security, they still refused. Then their final decision now says that I must sign their VT form and that it is "reasonable" for them to refuse unless I sign it despite repeatedly asking where in the CCA it says that for me to exercise my VT it must be a wet signature.

          I'm at the point where I'm going to be issuing a claim against Renault for breach of contract, breach of GDPR and trespass for refusing to collect the car. The have already marked my credit file with late payment markers and next step is a default but once this hits their legal department, I'm half expecting them to get a shift on, although I'm going to make an application for summary judgment because I don't think they have a leg to stand on.

          Your options are limited, either pay up, challenge it via the Financial Ombudsman or take them to court. Rightly or wrongly, until you get a favourable decision by the FOS or the court, they can and probably will continue to tarnish your credit file until you pay up. Should you decide to pay, you will be deemed to have admitted liability.
          If you have a question about the voluntary termination process, please read this guide first, as it should have all the answers you need. Please do not hijack another person's thread as I will not respond to you
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