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Bought a dangerous car from private seller

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  • Bought a dangerous car from private seller

    Hello I'm after abit of advice regarding what to do about a car I bought on the 21st of July 2021 I paid 3100 pounds for it from a private seller and I drove it home with no issues it was maximum 15 miles then the next morning I started it up to go sell my old car at parents and it sounded funny then seemed to sort itself out then when I got it on the road I reached 45 miles a hour on a a road and then I lost all power it would not rev it was quite scary and dangerous with my daughter in the car I've found out now it went into (limp mode) I managed to get to my parents address and called aa and he turnt up and it had 4 errors on diagnostics a mis fire on random cylinder,misfire on cylinder 3,cylinder misfire 1,turbo under boost,he tried to remove the coils and when he did they were brand new,the gasket has gone in the rocker box he tried to remove spark plugs he could only get one out which was sitting in loads of oil and I also had epc light was on and I tried to contact seller and they said that I have done something to it then got aggressive with me and said go see a solicitor and hung up now the bill of sale has the wrong sale date on the top as date of sale then a date 3 days later at the bottom it does not state my name anywhere apart from my signature it also does not state a amount I just wondered where I stand as in taking her to court as she sold me a dangerous car and the bill of sale is not correct
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    If you can show he sold you a dangerous car then you may have a case against him. Otherwise it's Caveat Emptor, buyer beware.


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      Thankyou for replie I'm waiting for my mechanic to properly go over it Monday and give me a full rundown of all the issues with this car and then go from there it's only the second car that I've bought and I can tell you one thing I'll never trust any private sellers again


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        See if you can get a copy of the last MOT on the car. It's available on line.


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          How did you pay for it?

          Did the AA give you a report?

          Also it might be an idea to do a bit of investigating on the seller, is there a history?

          Is the seller actually a dealer posing as a private seller? (to get the car running fine, then it goes 'kaput', takes some know how).

          I'd like to think that a private seller would be more sympathetic under the circumstances, simply not the case here.

          Some more info:



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            No aa mechanic gave me nothing but info it wasn't even the proper aa just someone that obviously subs work I have looked over the bill of sale which she has dated wrong it states no price whatsoever it does not state who she sold it too she sold it under her married name but I found her on fb and she is going under her maiden name I've found out that her ex husband was a mechanic it past its last mot back in February with no advisorys but that does not prove anything as they do not touch engine I've been told this woman knew what she was doing I've been given a grand by my parents to help with repair work but I'm thinking would it be a better option in just purchasing a recon engine and going with that ??? Hopefully after mechanic has looked at it I'll know more but all that worrys me he could do this and that and I still get same issues further down the line I don't really trust people right now I'm gonna contact another 2 mechanics and get quotes before I just get the work done but I'm just so worried I'm a disabled single fulltime dad with one daughter I'm on benefits and I saved this money up over 2 years and at the minute all I have no is a 3100 pound paper weight


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              This an example of the sort of information that should be on the receipt you were given -



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