Hoping someone can help me here please.

I got a vehicle from moneybarn in march 2016. i have had some personal problems and they have terminated the agreement, i had missed 3 payments.

We had verbally agreed to do a consent order at the same payment per month, i had paid the free to enter this agreement with them.

I have recieved their paperwork today and now they are asking for an extra 90 a month on top of what i was already paying which i cannot do.

i have spoken to them and they are saying this is the minimum payment they will take.

i have also had to chase them as they were saying i had missed 5 payments when it was actually 3 and they have now confirmed this but wont give me the updated payment details.

Such a horrible company and i dont know wether to risk them taking me to court or try and make the extra 90 a month on top of my 250 i agreed to pay.

Any advice would be appreciated.