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Voluntary Termination - Please Post the Outcome of your case.

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  • SuperRam
    Here is my VT story with Barclays Partner Finance.

    Spoke to BPF, Confirmed I could VT and they would send paperwork for me to sign. I ignored the paperwork they sent and sent VT template letter off here in January. I emailed and posted this recorded delivery. I never heard anything from BPF so rang them and they confirmed they had received the letter and email and I needed to arrange collection {at a cost of 150) or deliver the vehicle to Mannheim Auctions.

    This is where I felt BPF were most obstructive. I rang the number supplied by BPF and spent around two hours on the phone trying to speak to the correct department. The auction house could not have been more difficult to speak to, passing me through to random departments and even telling me they don't deal with BPF. Eventually, I spoke to someone who said I would have to deliver the car to Coventry. I had requested to take it to Birmingham as this was my local auction house, but I was told they don't accept BPF cars.

    So I had the car cleaned and a repair to the bumper carried out then delivered the car to Coventry. I took 100 time-stamped pictures on my phone(paid for a 99p timestamp app) I also took a few videos. Then bizarrely the guy at Coventry just took the v5 off me (never filled any of it out and took the whole document) and entered the car on to his handheld computer and that was it. I even had to find him as he had walked off and ask him was that everything sorted. He just said that they don't process BPF cars and that the car will be transported to guess where...Birmingham!

    So when I got home I filled in the change of ownership on the DVLA website, you need some numbers off the V5 so make sure you take a picture of it and all paperwork and service history etc. I emailed BPF, to confirm the car was delivered, photos taken, using the template letter off here. Once again emailed and recorded letter sent. I registered with Mannheim auctions to view their cars and was excited to see my VT car on their website, however, it took them nearly three weeks to assess my car or even take a picture of it. I was also worried as they recorded the car as grade 4, saying it was in poor condition. This was a complete lie and fabrication, they listed it as having a strong odour, which was a complete lie. No one in my household spoke and we have no pets etc. I wonder if they say this with cars in good condition to try and claw money back, because how do you prove a smell.

    However 6 weeks later my credit file was amended and marked as VT and settled. Then a few days later received a letter to confirm the account has been closed and nothing was owed.

    Top tips, use the letters on here, email and send letters recorded delivery, DO NOT SIGN THEIR PAPERWORK. I think it sends the message that you mean business and no your rights, then I think they don't try and hassle you with spurious charges. Make sure the car is clean, I had it cleaned inside and out and it was cleaner than when I bought it, it looked really good, I think this helps when they put it through the auction achieve a better price. Repair any damage which is outside wear and tear otherwise they will pursue you for the damage. Body repairs are more affordable now if you shop around.

    Thanks to the forum members for their time and support!

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  • Em_r_ald
    Has anyone else had a successful VT with these the finance companies?

    I'm considering it myself with BMW FS, only to read on here their appalling behaviour and treatment of others on here.

    The car is well under the mileage, but I'm going to have to get an alloy sorted and an a scratch fixed first. Sounds like I'm going to need the car in pristine condition if it's ever going to be successful.

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  • R0b
    Suppose I'll kickstart this off with my own experience.

    I carried out a VT process with Santander around 2014-15 under a Conditional Sale Agreement. I got into a protracted back and forth conversation about the collection charge of around 75. They refused to collect the car unless I paid the agent when he came to collect and when I suggested that I would cancel the tax and insurance they decided to collect it but they were going to add the 75 collection charge to my account that would need to be paid.

    Car got collected and Santander started sending letters for recovering the 75 collection fee and I believe 40 relating to some damages of the car (which I denied entirely), I also got a notice of default sums letter and other template letters along the way but refused to pay. Then, when I was looking for another car on finance my application was rejected because a default had been recorded by Santander on my credit file. Long story short, I threatened them with legal action if they didn't remove the default and mark the account as 'settled'. They said they would but didn't and I issued a claim for negligence and breach of data protection by failing to keep my data accurate and up to date. The value of the claim was 1,500.

    Success. They had instructed DWF Solicitors to act on their behalf and within two weeks of me issuing the claim and before they filed a defence, the claim was settled for 1,300. DWF wanted to make it clear that Santander was of the view that they were entitled to record the default but wanted to settle to avoid unnecessary costs or words to that effect. They also wanted to gag me with a confidentiality clause in the settlement but I refused and they agreed in the end. Had to negotiate the wording of the agreement because Santander weren't prepared to remove all adverse entries when they provided me with their wording. Anyhow, I've attached confirmation of settlement below.
    Attached Files
    Last edited by R0b; 17th February 2018, 21:40:PM.

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